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Craft Closet Make Over

I’ve finally done it. After 2 years of living in this house, I’ve finally finished organizing the last closet in my home.

This is the guest room closet that doubles as my “craft” closet. You could barely consider it a walk-in closet, but with 2 new shelves my man built for me over the weekend, it’s got just enough space for what I need.

Closet Before

Closet Before – complete chaos!

After – view from hall

(I used a different camera because mine is still broken. It was so hard to get these pics the space is so small. I hope you can get the idea.)

Small shelf with hanging space for guests clothes – just above the door that goes to the attic. I spray painted 2 of these tins pink and glued flowers onto the other 3.

Top Shelf

Middle, 2 new shelves that Jason made and I painted white.

I added these “curtains” to cover the other white bins and to make the space less messy. I used 2 tension rods and they open up in the middle. I was inspired by this craft room (1st one).

I hot glued black pom poms onto these pink fabric bins I got at Wal-mart. (I know you’re going to ask where I got them.)

I got the black bins from Wal-mart and glued on pink pom poms and ric-rak. I made these oval tags out of scrap book paper, hung them with fun ribbon, and hot glued them to the bin.

I spray painted the wicker baskets hot pink and glued on black pom poms. Yes, I already had these flowers. 😉

I am so excited to get my messy closet all pink and fabulous. Now my guests will actually have room to hang their clothes and store their suit cases. ha ha

I hope you’ve found some fun ideas to use in your own home or have at least been inspired for another project!

36 thoughts on “Craft Closet Make Over

  1. You’re amazing! If only my pantry looked that good. Maybe I should glue pom-pom’s to the shelves. 🙂 It looks awesome!

  2. FABULOUS!!!you never cease to amaze me! i love that you inspire me and are so full of energy! i hope when you come to az this summer you will help me with my toy issues. i need some executive homemaker makeover! your closet is darling and i hope to be able to hang my clothes in it and rest my suitcases in it one of these days! 🙂 you rock girl!
    love ya,

  3. Di – it’s all ready for your visit!! Of course, I’ll help you this summer. Pick a space, a color scheme, and a budget. 😉

  4. I love it. It looks so great! I love all of the hot pink and black (they were my wedding colors). It all looks so spiffy and clean! Great job!

  5. Totally amazing! Wow. I love the matchy-matchy fab pink and black. Who knew pom poms and ric-rac could oooh-la-la a closet?

  6. Oh my!! Is the closet open to the hallway all the time? That’s just way too pretty for a craft closet. 🙂 And here I was all proud of the fact that I have some plastic shoe boxes with white labels on them.

    I have a webpage on the well-stocked craft closet and am working on one on a well-organized craft closet. Would love to feature your photos if possible. Just leave me a note on my blog or on the website and I’ll get with you again when I’m ready. Thanks!!

  7. Ooo, I love the color combinations, pink and black…such cute ideas on how to decorate the boxes (don’t you just love the hot glue gun?!!) I also really like the curtain idea to hide storage bins, I think I’m going to have to steal that idea for my guest closet…thanks!!!

  8. Very cute! I love the colors. I have been working on a pink, black, and white scraproom myself. Every mommy with three boys needs some pink in her life! 😉

  9. I feel like I can’t bring my green suitecase because it won’t match the closet now. Next time I’m up there I’m only going to wear black and white shirts so I don’t mess up the theme 🙂

  10. Wow, that looks so CHIC!! I love the black and pink. I just organized my craft room closet too (during spring break) and I will be blogging about it soon. (I’ll let you know when I post!) But it doesn’t look near THAT fabulous. I better add some fun color too before I post! 🙂 Great job Laurie!

  11. Laurie–

    I want to be blog friends, because you are so cute and we are going to meeting at the big BP next week…but now I see we can’t.

    1) I hate crafting.
    2) I hate organizing.

    Okay, okay, we can still be friends but seriously, if I ever come to Texas and come to your house, you are UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES to open that closet. It makes me feel woefully inadequate.


  12. Cathy – the pink ones are in the kid room decor department next to the Hanna Montana decor. They sell out fast – I had to go to 2 Wal-marts.

    The other fabric bins are over in the laundry dept next to the hangers. 😉

  13. Those bins are TO DIE FOR! The closet looks great. I need to set up some kind of crafty station at my house.

  14. CAN I PLEASE PICK MY JAW UP OFF THE GROUND????????? How much do you charge? I am in serious need of beautification. How bout a stop off in CA on your way back to Texas?

  15. okkkkkkk…

    you have 3 boys…right?

    How in the world are you doing decor in pink???

    “boys art” in pink baskets would not fly in my house. But… it sure looks cute!

  16. Hi! I'm curious how did you make your signs for your baskets? I'm wanting to do just a couple signs, but in a western theme and could use some suggestions. Love your closet!

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