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I finally got some pictures to share with you of two fabulous birthday parties I was honored to attend. First Monica’s Princess Party:

We all dressed up as princesses and it was a crazy fun time. Here’s Monica in the white and beautiful as ever as princess for a day!

She went ALL OUT! She spray painted pumpkins, a castle, and a frog silver for amazing place settings around every corner. She even added white lights to the columns in her house and wrapped it in pink tulle.

Here’s Katri and Calli (the next birthday girl) showing off pink glittered cupcakes. Yummy!

She even had a throne!! Awesome!

We each went home with these white roses. Each rose had a different poem about friendship on them. They were also scattered in all the center pieces around the house which added to the incredible decor.

Next was Calli’s birthday party. For the game, we each brought a book to swap. We played it like the ‘white elephant’ game. It was such a fun party game idea!

Calli invited her friends from several different circles and it was so much fun meet them. That girl knows some amazing women! I was seriously impressed and had a great time getting to know everyone.

Calli and Katri made each one of us these amazing purses with a magazine inside as a parting gift. WOW!! I don’t even want to think the time it took to make all those bags.

I hope you’ve been inspired to throw an Over The Top birthday bash for your BFF! As a guest I felt so loved and grateful for my friendships. Just think of how the birthday girl felt!

16 thoughts on “Par-Tay!

  1. Wow thats my sister Calli, the party looked and sounded like a blast. I wonder if Ive met you Ive met most of her friends. My sis-in-law sent me the link cause she saw Calli.

  2. What fun b-day parties!!! Love those bags your friend made too! Lucky girls!!
    I need to plan some of these for friends too, thanks for sharing!

  3. How fun is that? I think of all the over the top parties for our kids we’ve thrown, it’s about time that we throw them for ourselves and our friends. Fabulous ideas! And just what my hubby would love…. another reason to clean, paint, decorate & do yard work.

  4. I came here via tip junkie!

    I love the princess thing! its so cool how its not just a lil girl theme! I’m so doing that for my next birthday!

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