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Dress Ups

My brother Scott (pictured above) and Lisa left on Thursday. We had such a fun week reminiscing, playing with the boys, laughing, and playing cards. What an amazing week with great company!

Their recent visit got me thinking about our childhood and some crazy times we had growing up. One memory kept coming to me -when I got to play stylist and they got to play dress up! It was actually more fun for me. {{evil laugh}}

Because I wanted girly sister so badly I would, on occasion, convince Scott and Lisa to let me dress them up as girls. Yes, I know that technically Lisa is a girl and a beautiful one at that. However, growing up she was convinced that she was a boy.

Here’s what Lisa looked like on a daily basis as a “boy”. Notice the piece of grass in her mouth. ha!

Here is my favorite picture of Lisa as a girl, during our photo session. Yes I said session. I have many more of these jewels! I think she’s even wearing shoulder pads.

Here’s what Scott usually looked like. Doesn’t Dylan look just like him? 😉

This is what Scott looked as a girl. Totally sassy for sure and he loved it!

This tradition started when Scott was a baby. Here he is in a wig and tutu. What a sport! Thanks for playing guys.

I realize the obvious question is, “Have I dressed up any of my boys as girls?” No, I haven’t. Jason wouldn’t like it and they wouldn’t go along with it anyway. {{big sigh}} Party poopers.

**Update! I just found these pictures where I dressed up Lisa as a boy and Scott as a girl. Notice the coordinating outfits. I crack myself up!!

10 thoughts on “Dress Ups

  1. Isn’t the sibling bond an amazing one. What great times are had between them. I am sure you had a great week!

  2. I love seeing old photos, especially of my friends’ childhoods. Seems like you have lots of great ones.

    Glad you had a fun week.

  3. I’ve never seen any of those pictures!! I personally think I look better with the hat and grass…are you sure it’s not a tooth pick…than with the shoulder pads. Isn’t it sad that Scott is a better looking girl than I am 🙁

  4. Why do I have a mulet?!?!?! The least you could have done was put it in a ponytail so it looked like I had no hair. Maybe this is when we started not getting along…

  5. You do have a mulet!! HA HA! (My stomach hurts from laughing so hard.)

    Come on Lisa, you probably asked me to do it. “Make my hair just like Clayton’s!” A pony tail would have been way too girly for you.

    FOTFL!! You know I’m right.

  6. Oh my!!! Those pictures are way too funny!!! Do you have any of James dressed up as a girl??? I would love to see that!!! LOL

  7. soo funny! i did the same thing with my youngest brother. i used to put him in bikini bathing suits and bows in his hair! i wanted a younger sister too! our poor brothers! will they ever forgive us?
    love the shoulder pads! i had those too.
    fun memories!

  8. You used to dress Barry up as a girl too, I don’t know if you even remember, you were both so young. You’d put one of your long dresses on him and a scarf on his head and then you’d take him down the street with you to play at Tricia’s house, he went right along with it too, looking adorable!
    Of course, back then you didn’t have your own camera so there is no phisical evidence that I am aware of.
    (I may be to blame for this – having no sisters for the first 12 years of my life, and so many brothers – I did this to my younger brothers all the time and made them play house with me. I used to dress them up as girls for Halloween too! {Tee Hee})

    P.S. You crack me up too!!!

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