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What a Poser!!

I’m really missing my camera! The flash is broken and I’ve got to get it serviced. Not having a camera accessible has really made me realize how much I’ve come to depend on it. As a blogger of course, but also as comic relief!

In memorandum of adventures with a flash, I’ve dug through the archives and picked out pictures of me growing up where I’ve thrown all caution (and good sense) to the wind for a good pic and laugh. Enjoy!

Lisa and me on the roof posing (guy removed to protect his identity) {{wink}}

My BFF’s in Rockwood, Tx. I’m in the pink on the right.

Our downtown Houston adventure – I’m on the right.

Michelle and Me (top) during our Austin excursion

Traci and me (right) on Bourbon Street, Louisiana.

Don’t dare me to jump in an unoccupied vehicle – I will do it!

Even stuck in traffic on the way to Galveston brings a photo op not to be missed. (I’m driving)

I’m all about props too! Here’s our rendition of the “Dancing with Wolfs” dance around the fire while camping then tubing down the Guadelupe river.

Here I am laying on my side, on the right, in this tree at Rockwood, Tx after camping and rock climbing.

I love silly pictures!! I like to believe that I’m a sophisticated grown up – but as far as goofing it up for camera – not much has changed. If there is something I can jump on for the perfect picture, “I’m all over it!”

Miss you Nikon!

8 thoughts on “What a Poser!!

  1. Again – so many gerat photos. That one of you in Austin.. how the crap did you get up there?! It’s like some kind of optical illusion.

  2. I love that you’ve always pulled out the “silly” when you see a camera! You are so much fun!

  3. ♥ Great pictures! So would get into an unoccupied police car? 🙂 Just kidding… It looks like tons of fun!

  4. Chanda – Girl, I climbed up there!! It wasn’t easy but with a little extra adrenalin you can do anything, right?

  5. Oh my gosh… Love the pics- the outfits and hair… We are probably the same age! Haha. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Too bad we didn’t grow up in the same town… We totally would have been friends. 🙂

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