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Fit for a Queen

Katri, Rochelle, and Me

Look who finally made it to book club. Me! We have it on Saturday afternoons which is probably the most difficult day/time for me to attend. However this month, I got our favorite babysitter to come and I was off for some much needed girl time.

We read ‘The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette’ and Katrina out did herself! The food was delicious and the decor was so incredibly beautiful! I was amazed at all the details and love she put into the afternoon.

There was silver tulle and vibrant flowers everywhere!

Even on the chandelier, there were fresh roses and pink tulle. Breath taking!

She brought out her china and tons of tea lights for the special occasion. Those napkin rings are to die for.

Here’s a peek at Katrina’s mirrored buffet – so elegant.

Did I mention how yummy the food was? Scrumptious.

Cheryl (middle) even did her hair for the event! Be sure to go to Katrina’s (left) blog. She has more details on decorating and the food.

Here’s Chanda and Caroline.

It was such a beautiful afternoon. I can’t thank Katrina enough for all her efforts. It really made my day so much brighter!

That evening we met several couples at the Town Square where they were having a little festival of sorts. It was such a nice and relaxing evening full of great conversation and yummy food!

Thank goodness for close friends – you are very dear to me.

6 thoughts on “Fit for a Queen

  1. Wow- I love my friends for sure but when I see all the fun things you guys are always up to I have friend envy!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. What a fun day! I was so stressed on Friday when I was sick. Thank goodness by Saturday, I was feeling much better and muscled through it all. I wouldn’t have missed the fun for anything. She did a great job! Had fun hanging out all day, girl! It’s been a while.

  3. What a fun book group you have! Was the book good? I have read “The last wife of Henry VIII” by the same author. It was ok, but I prefer Phillipa Gregory’s books about that era…:)

    Have fun in Utah and travel safe…

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