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Happy Birthday Jason!

My man turned 36 last Thursday and the boys wanted to throw him a Guitar Hero III birthday party. I was a little worried about finding a cake but as usual Wal-mart to the rescue!

This was a Hanna Montana birthday cupcake cake but I asked them to change the colors to black, blue, and red. I think the cupcake guitar turned out amazing! (and only $13) The boys loved it and I’ve been ‘having my cake and eating it too’ ever since. {{giggle}}

Jason wanted some new shirts and he bought his other presents himself. Which included a gaming key board and prime seats to a Rush concert that was the next day.

Before I wrapped Jason’s gifts, I gave the boys a choice on what shirts they wanted to give him and Dylan kept saying, “No one wants shirts for their birthday. What else can we get Dad?” Even after all my assurances that Dad will love his new shirts, Dylan still wasn’t convinced. I’m glad that Dylan’s got your back J!

Our Engagement Picture

In honor of my man, here’s a ‘Honey Love’ meme:

What is his name? Jason
How long have you been married? 12 1/2 years. 13 years on August 18th or is it 19th? (Inside joke)
How long did you date? 13 months
How old is he? 36
Who eats more sweets? Me! He likes ice-cream but that’s about it.
Who said I love you first? I don’t remember.
Who is taller? Jason. I’m a shrimp.
Who can sing better? Neither of us. ha ha

Who is smarter? Jason’s a rocket scientist so he is.
Who does the laundry? All me.
Who pays the bills? Jason does.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does
Who mows the lawn? Neither of us. Jason’s in school getting his MBA every Saturday morning and Monday night.
Who cooks dinner? Jason’s excellent with the grill. I don’t like to cook, so I warm up.
Who drives? When we’re together – Jason does.
Who is more stubborn? We both are!
Who kissed who first? I’m quite sure it was reciprocal. he he
Who asked who out first? Jason asked me out on a 4th of July picnic at a Singles activity.
Who proposed? Duh, Jason did. But we talked about it a lot before the actual proposal.
Who has more siblings? I do with four and he has one sister.
Who wears the pants? We both do. We both feel that when our spouce is happy – the family is happy.

I love you so much, honey! I feel truly blessed to be your wife. You’ve been my support through all our trials together. I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t married you. Thanks for all you do and the man that you are! xoxo

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jason!

  1. I love the cupcake cake!!!! Cute idea!
    The hubby tag is awesome, fun to learn more about him!
    Happy Birthday to your man!

  2. Happy birthday, Jason.
    Cute meme. I did that one a while ago. I find it so funny that with all of them that I have read, no one can remember who said “I love you” first.
    I love all the pictures… so cute!

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