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Laugh Love Live

My friend Melissa and her hubby came to visit over the weekend. We’ve been friends for years and I really appreciate and enjoy our friendship. We have tons in common. We also both have 3 boys.

She was blessed to have had a daughter 9 months ago and little Rachel is so beautiful and an easy going baby. It was a delight to see her!

Drake loves getting his picture taken. Here we are trying on sunglasses. Yes, these are pimp girl ones – but doesn’t he look great in them!

We all decided to get new sunglasses. Doesn’t Lisa look great!

We had a blast shopping and eating and laughing together.

We even bonded over pedi’s!

I’m so excited to because I’ll get to stay with her in a month when I’m in Utah.

Big Tip! Be sure to check out Melissa’s Northgate Mansion for weddings, family reunions, scrapbook retreats, and blog parties! I’ve been in inside and it’s amazing!! It sleeps 50 and has an indoor play ground.

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