Escape Artist

Saturday we came home from lunch with Melissa and Lisa and our babysitter told us that Drake had unlocked the front door and walked out! A stranger found him and brought him back home. Ahhhhh!!

So today, I feel very blessed to still have my grumpy, Blue’s Clues loving, insomniac. First thing on my list – Home Depot for more locks!

12 thoughts on “Escape Artist

  1. ♥ That’s so scarry!!! We’ve had to have locks on our doors forever! My twins figured it out really early too. I’m so glad that he was retured safe and sound.

  2. What a shock!

    I am so glad that your little guy is safe and sound. I am so grateful that the stranger was a good person. Phew!

  3. Golly….he had angels watching out for him for sure! What a blessing to have good neighbors. I put up baby gates the little ones can’t get past after I found my 7 mo old had crawled out into an open garage the other day. It’s scary what they can do – our innocent little sweeties.

  4. I have to set up an alarm system that beeps when any door or window opens just for that reason.

    We also had to go buy one of those “hotel locks” to put up high on the door so my son wouldn’t escape.

  5. OH no! scary! a runaway! we’ve had that happen . no fun! glad he was safe.

    come see the contest on my blog. free giveaway potential!

  6. ahh! that is crazy! i know the feeling all too well, unfortunately! i’m glad he got home safe and sound.

  7. Scary how independent these little guys are and at such a young age!

    Love your site and want to make a trip to Canton!;)

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