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Pinewood Derby

Today was a big day for our family. Davis earned his Bear Scout, yeah! Here he is pinning the Mom pin on my collar.

It was also the Pinewood Derby. Davis drew a picture of the car he wanted and Jason realized that it looked just like the Speed Racer car! We did our best and here’s how it turned out.

Ready, Set, Go!

He won the ‘Most Futuristic Award’ and 1st Place!! No joke. Not only 1st place but he broke a track record. {{dumb-founded}} Who knew? No one was more surprised than Jason and me.

After he won, I felt a little silly because Laurie M. and I were hamming it up by trash talking to each other all night. Her son and mine had each won all 3 races but we didn’t actually race each other. So when her son won 2nd place – I just assumed we got 4th or something. We were shocked. Great Job Sweetie!

9 thoughts on “Pinewood Derby

  1. gotta love the pinewood derby. it always so much fun to check out all the cars and see what all the boys have come up with!

  2. congrats! how wonderful for Davis! i think we will have to get pointers from the engineer jason when we get ready to do pine wood derby! all that experience on jet engineering paid off!

  3. That is FANTASTIC!!!!
    Please give him a huge Congratulatory hug and kiss from me!!!
    The car is awesome!!!
    Everyone did an incredible job!!!
    How fun for all of you!!!!

  4. That kid has the best luck. I bet you could have put a block on wheels and he still would have won. I’m jealous.

  5. What cute pictures… Our pinewood derby is next week! That is a beautiful-looking car! Congrats to Davis on the big win! I think our sons are the same age.

  6. Oh, this brings back memories of when my own son was doing Pinewood Derbies! How fun. -Julia 🙂

  7. Wow, I guess it helps being married to a rocket scientist! LOL I need some tips, Caleb’s is coming up and I don’t know what to do with a block of wood.

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