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{{Me ready to party, like a rockstar!}}

Since Blogapalooza is next week, people have been doing their “In Real Life” posts. Basically, it’s to give you a heads up on what to expect when you meet me in real life. {{so you won’t be disappointed}}

Honestly, I’m not sure what to share with you that you don’t already know. Hmm

  • I have a LOUD laugh. {{not kidding}}
  • I’m a hugger. If I recognize you, I’ll probably give you a hug. {{you’ve been warned}}
  • I hate my profile – which is flat with a pointed chin. {{although like you, I haven’t seen myself in 3D}}
  • I’m short 5’3″.
  • I moved to Texas when I was 11 years old. However, I don’t have an accent because I grew up in the burbs.
  • I say what I think, which usually gets me into trouble. So don’t be offended – I’m just flapping my gums. 😉
  • I say “Shoot Yeah!”, “seriously”, and “dagum” a lot. {{I don’t know why}}

  • I don’t take myself seriously.
  • I love to be silly! It doesn’t bother me if other people judge me. I’m out to have a good time. {{pretty much at all costs}}
  • I also like to be helpful at a party, usually as the photographer. It helps me mingle, gives me something to do, and gives me a reason to move around the party. {{So smile or do something silly dagumit when I come to take your pic}}
  • I have a TERRIBLE memory! So don’t expect me to remember you – just come up and introduce yourself. I’ll be doing a lot of that myself, “Hi, my name is Laurie from ‘Create Your Own Experience’. I have the blue header with the vector girl leaning on a dryer.”

I have my tickets and I’m ready to PAR-TAY with all you crazy girls!! Can’t wait until next week.

Also, while I’m in Utah I’ll be attending the 3rd Annual Blog Party at hosted by Jill. I’m so excited and can’t wait to meet those ladies as well. Let me know if you’re attending!

9 thoughts on “Laurie in Real Life

  1. Thanks for warning me you say those expressions so I won’t be shocked. Also, if you photograph me, please stand on a stool because i look best from above (and in the dark). Very excited! If you are healthy, I’m hefty.

  2. I know Paige, that was weird to say. I took it off. I’ve just had some uncalled for comments lately (in real life) about my frame. Geeze what do people expect, I love my ‘Little Debbie snacks’!

  3. I’m a reluctant hugger. I love to hug and would hug everyone on the spot, but non-huggers make me nervous. What if I cross the line. Glad to know you’ll be up for a little squeeze! I think we should send out a group e-mail asking who would like to be hugged and who wouldn’t. That would be very helpful for me!!! hee hee

    P.S. I’m surprised you are short. You look long and lean to me. And who’s talkin hefty? Pu-lease.

    Can’t wait to meet you!

  4. I look forward to meeting you next week at BP. It was fun reading your post. Now maybe I should go work on a Heidi in Real Life post.

  5. You are a riot!! And, having met you in person, you have a charming laugh and are a delight to be around! Have fun while in Utah. Martha might just take me to a lunch while you’re here. So perhaps I’ll be seeing you again.

  6. O.K. I don’t know a lot of people and I am not quite sure of the time, place, etc….I am going to be staying at my SIL’s but I will have my car and will be able to go anywhere I want without any kids! Except I have a crippled foot and have a walking boot on. Let me the details and I will try to make it.

  7. Laurie, can’t wait to meet you! I am a hugger too. Thanks for doing the directory. From looking at all your crafty posts I can tell it’s going to be fabulous.

  8. I am BEYOND BEYOND excited to meet you face to face (though a little nervous I must admit)…..I can’t believe it’s SO close.
    Oh and thanks for doing the directory- can always count on you for the good ideas. 😉

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