Wonderful Woman of the Web Award

Aurora gave me this award and totally I’m honored! There are tons of amazing women I could pass this on to. Here are 3:

Jen – She’s an amazing mom and is documenting those adventures so well on her blog. I know Jen in real life and so fun to hang out with!

Are You Serious! – If you’re looking for a fun tag, she’s your girl. She’s got tons! Also, I really enjoy her comments on my blog and it’s been fun getting to know her a little more.

Julie – She embodies this award! She’s fun, real, and an amazing blogger. I’m amazed at her strength and endurance through her trails. Such a fun person and fellow party girl. 😉

4 thoughts on “Wonderful Woman of the Web Award

  1. WOW, I’m flattered Laurie! Thanks! It’s nice to know that the adventures with my kids and I are amusing to more then just us! Well, I guess you didn’t say they were amusing, just that they were well documented. Either way, thanks. It’s nice to be acknowledged when my normal day-to-day acknowledgement consists of random “thanks mommy” and “you’re so pretty!”. I’m glad we’re here to inspire and uplift one another… as you do me to me!

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