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Congrats Honey!

I’ve got to officially congratulate my man (right) for winning the ‘game changer’ award at work. He works for Eaton Corporation, a 13 Billion dollar company with approx. 80,000 employees in 29 countries. Jason was 1 of 14 selected for this most prestigious award. Here he is shaking hands with the company’s CEO, Sandy Cutler.

Jason came up with an idea, designed the web-based software, and now they’re implementing it throughout the corporation. I am so proud of him! I admire all the hard work and dedication he has for the many passions in his life. And I’m honored to be one of them. he he

Would you believe Jason was a welder with only a semester of college when we met. “Honey, you’ve exceeded my expectations and anything else you achieve in your career is a bonus. Love you more than the universe!”

13 thoughts on “Congrats Honey!

  1. How fabulous! You must be very proud of him…quite an accompishment indeed going from a semester of college to all he has achieved.

  2. WAY TO GO JASON!!!! CONGRATS!!! When we met him- we thought all he knew how to do was play quake! i guess those years of playing paid off since that helped give him experience in the computer game world! congrats on this wonderful achievement and award!

  3. Diana – HA HA! I had totally forgotten about that. If you ask me all Jason did in college was golf and “Quake it up!” Damn I’m a supportive wife. {{wink}}

    Your right – it has all paid off.

  4. not sure how I happened upon your blog, but I have …and I really enjoy it! I just had to comment today, because my hubby used to work for Eaton Corp for 5 years! Great company! congrats on the award!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I’ve seen that Eaton sign on a big building when I’m on my way to Target. I think it’s in Windsor, CT. I’ve always wondered what kind of company it is, and now I know!

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