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L to the T

I’ve been on the look out for a new summer hair style. I like to change things up often.

I’ll admit when I first saw LC (from The Hills) sporting the braid – I thought it was ghetto. Alas it has really grown on me and I decided to try it.

Here I am, “LT”. Not bad for my first attempt, considering I haven’t braided my hair since the 80’s. 😉

I’ll have to “keep this in the running for Laurie’s Next Top Summer Hairdo”. {{giggle}}

Drake decided he wanted to get in the action and do his hair. He laid down on the counter and stuck his head in the sink!

I dried him off and helped him a bit. Here’s an after shot.

Let’s talk hair! What are you considering for your summer look?

11 thoughts on “L to the T

  1. So funny because this is totally my summer ‘do too! I love it. (But I also thought it was ghetto at first!)

    For not braiding since the 80’s, you did a pretty dang good job. It’s hard to braid your own hair!

  2. So funny! I LOVED LCs braid and I’ve tried to do it myself, but I can’t french braid. Apparently I’m an idiot. Living in Utah, I was also worried about looking polygamist. But I still like it.

  3. Cute hair do! I love LCs style and her hair is just fabulous, so it’s yours. I just go darker for the winter and lighter for the summer, it’s time for some highlights for me.
    Good job braiding!
    BTW-Drake is a cutie pie!

  4. very cute. my sister has also been rocking the braid. it’s a great way to keep your hair out of your face, but not have it in a pony tail. definitely in the running for your summer do.

  5. I actually like your braid better than hers. You rock it girl.

    And your little Drake wanting in on the hair action…too cute. See, who needs a girl?

  6. Funny- I lived in Dallas for EVER (plano and then went to SMU- but I was a poor scholarship girl, haha). and Then met my future husband who lives in Katy, been here for about 4 years.

    so what do you like better- keller or Katy- I know keller well too!


  7. THat looks so cute! I wish I could wear my hair off my face and of course I wish it wasn’t coarse and curly…anyways. It looks cute and you kinda sorta look like her too.

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