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Real Women of Genius

Be sure to check out Lisa’s blog and read all about our antics last week. Click on her music and listen to the first track before you read the post – it makes it funnier!

(btw: Lisa took off her music auto-play after the Q&A at Jill’s Blog Party Sat. night.)

Here’s something to look forward to: Tomorrow Lisa will be posting some great video footage. Seriously, Lisa and I really do lack self-control, pride, and shame. {{giggle}} So enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Real Women of Genius

  1. Her post is hilarious as usual! You guys are seriously teaching me how to lack self-control, pride and shame…..LOL

  2. Okay. You two are MY kind of people. Seriously.. the pooing story!!! And the jump in the air??! SO SO FUNNY!

    And I love the horrid hair of those two girls. Whoa.

  3. Glad you had such a fun time last week at conference and 2 blog parties. I enjoyed being there vicariously through your pictures and posts. 🙂

  4. Sounds like you has a wonderful time! I am jealous that all you bloggers were able to meet each other!

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