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Blog Party 2008

Saturday I slept in and then met for lunch at Melissa’s Mansion. Afterwards we went over to see Martha’s new house. I’ve been watching the progression of it on her blog and couldn’t wait to see it. It’s even more beautiful in person! She did an amazing job picking everything out and showing off her personal style.

I didn’t want to leave, we were having such great conversation. Not to mention everywhere I looked I kept seeing new things in the house I loved. The living room ceiling is really incredible!!

We spent the late afternoon having some retail therapy. This headband could be yours for only $78. {{say what?!?}}

Love the hat Melissa!

Lisa looks great in any hat! If she ever gets around to posting it, we have some great video. {{giggle}}

Saturday night it was time to Par-Tay blogger style with Jill and her posse. I really love how honest and open Jill is on her blog. She does ‘Sunday Thoughts’ posts and shares her testimony and what she has been inspired to do on a weekly basis.

I find so much strength in those posts. During church I’m usually with one of my boys so Sunday isn’t usually the spiritual boost that I need to help me endure the week. Jill’s posts have filled in that gap and make me think. So thanks Jill not only for the fun party and all your preparations but also for being YOU!

The table centerpieces were keyboards wrapped in ribbons on top of cute gingham fabric.

James, Cecilia, Me, and Lisa

It turned out to be a family affair since my brother James DJ’d the party and his wife Cecilia is a blogger too (thanks to my Christmas card).

All the food was really good. But take a look at these cupcakes, aren’t they so beautiful! The ribbon is actually hot glued on.

You know I appreciate all things OTT. I had to find out who brought these cupcakes and give her the credit she deserved! Thanks to Jill’s comment – I found out this is Erin from Blackfoot, Idaho. Your neck of the woods RO. Erin is so adorable and I loved her energy. I’m really glad I took the time to seek her out.

We each brought a door prize and Kristi pulled our names out of a bowl and then we introduced ourselves and opened up the gift. I got a great black and iron frame. Yeah!

Jill had us write down questions we had about blogging and she put them in a bowl. Around the end of the evening, after great food and conversation, we gathered in a circle and read the blog questions.

Kristi asked me to record the questions and answers and post them on Tip Junkie. I was happy to do it, you’ll find them here and here. Hopefully, you’ve had the same questions and find it helpful.

I was so giddy to meet Kristi! {{can you tell on my face – I’m a dork!}} I’ve been reading her blog since I first started blogging. She’s been a staple in my life for almost a year and it was such a treat to finally meet her in person.

I didn’t get a chance to tell her this, but she’s one of the reason’s I started the Tip Junkie blog. Every time I read her blog I wanted to talk about her latest project or idea she inspired me to do. She also plugs giveaways and women’s businesses. I wanted to do that too! I found that I needed to have a completely separate blog to showcase those ideas. So thanks Kristi for your inspiration and your passion for life.

Side Note: Kristi has 3 girls (thus her blog name is Everything Pink) and I have 3 boys (thus my blog name is Create Your Own Experience). Teehee I thought that was really funny.

Thanks for the fun night Ladies! It was a pleasure meeting you. I think I finally got to bed after 1:00am. {{You know I LOVE a silly pic!}}

11 thoughts on “Blog Party 2008

  1. OH MY GOSH! OTT! so darn cute. and way fun to have family there too. WOW!

    gorgeous friends. and lovely headband! seriously $78 bucks ? but it looked fabulous on you, you should make your own! i bet you totally could! you and your mad skills. fun blog questions, and door prizes.
    i’ll have to go check those out on tip junkie! and way fun to meet your idol! FABULOUS!

  2. So jealous that you got to meet Kristi. Her blog helped me to get over my intense sadness of being in Texas away from my friends in Utah. She has such a positive look on moving and living in the moment! BTW I love Texas! (but still miss my BFF’s.)

    I also love Jill’s intense honesty and her craftiness.

  3. Hi I’m a mormon mommy lurker lol and you just have to clear this up for me….you went to 2 different blog parties on the same night? :o)

  4. ♡ Awesome! So fun! I didn’t know Cecilia was your sis in law! Crazy small bloggy world! 🙂

  5. Amy – Thank goodness they were on two different nights. I would have been bummed to have to miss one. Blogapalooza was Thursday night and Jill’s Blog Party was Saturday Night.

  6. Martha was great to let us in her new house and take us on a tour. It’s amazing! For your birthday I’ll get the whole family to go in and get you a headband 😉

  7. Sorry I was out of town and couldn’t do lunch. It looks like you had a great time. I would have loved to see you guys!

  8. Laurie…you looked soo classy…I was intending on getting to you, but the night was too short. I look forward in getting to know you better through your blog.

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