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I found something totally cool on Celia’s blog today. It’s a ‘Top Commenter Widget’ which displays the top 10 commenter on your blog. What a great way to reward your regular commenter!

It’s really easy if you use Blogger. Just type in your blog name as per the instructions, press Customize, then press the Add to Blog button.

It puts it directly into your layout! Drag it to the position you prefer and press Save. Presto!

I knew Are You Serious! would be #1 on the list. She’s such a great commenter and I can always count on her to brighten my day. Thanks girl!

I’ve also got to give an honorable mention to Julie because she’s been one of my favorite bloggers since this crazy ride began one year ago. Thanks CrazyMamaof6 – you totally rock!

9 thoughts on “Top Commenter Widget

  1. Wow! How neat is that?!
    Um… I had no idea that I commented so much– do you feel like I am stalking you? 🙂

  2. Aurora – Of course I don’t! I love seeing how people are responding to each post. I love comments.

  3. what a fun idea… thanks for sharing!! I’m for sure putting it on my blog since I just got onto my readers for NOT commenting!

  4. That’s so cool….. I love it!
    Thanks for the tip!
    I’ll have to add it to my blog, since I’m a comment lover!

  5. WOW SUPER COOL! that is rad. i need one of those. and i can see how Melissa (are you serious) gets the top spot. i can’t compete with her. thanks for the Hon. mention. and i totally need this. people will be totally competitive on my blog for it. i think! i wish everone had one. i wonder where i rank? your blog rocks! when are you coming with Lisa to AZ? still waiting to meet IRL!

  6. and did i forget to say thanks for sharing this? THANK YOU! i always find out awesome stuff from you.

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