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Monday Mania

I think I’ve mentioned that we’ve been at the pool every weekday evening for Davis’ swim team and Dylan’s swim lessons. Well, Monday was Davis’ first meet and we were all so excited for him.
Luckily {{for me}} there are several friends on the swim team which has made our 2 hour evenings and 3 hour swim meet at the pool bearable for dear ol’ mom. Um, yep you got that right, I’m talking about my friends. {{evil laugh}}

Drake usually insists on being in the big pool with all the swim meet participants and throws his lovely tantrums, but on Monday he wasn’t to upset. Thanks to some of the older girls who played with him in the baby pool.

Here’s Davis right before his first race, the backstroke.

“GO, Davis, GO!”

He also swam the breast stroke and in the freestyle. I was so proud of him because he didn’t stop at all during the race.

On his last race he did dive down and pick up some green goggles that were on the bottom and carried them in his mouth. Silly kid. His coach said that if he ever races against Davis, he’s going to throw a bunch of toys in the lane for Davis to pick up. HA! I’m still laughing about it. That’s just so Davis.

Monday night, Dylan and Drake were playing together which resulted in a frantic trip to Urgent Care. (Nothing surprises me at this point.)

It doesn’t look that bad 2 days later, but Monday evening blood was spewing and I was trying not to freak out as I packed up the boys in the car, made sure I had my insurance card, called for my neighbor to get my food that was being delivered, and bandaged Drakie’s head so I wouldn’t have to scrub blood out of my car.

Apparently Dylan was holding Drake and spinning him around. Dylan dropped him and his head hit the bottom of the coffee table. It looked more like a puncture wound to me but what do I know. It was deep and bleeding pretty badly – so off we went to Urgent Care. Dylan felt terrible and I was trying my hardest to keep calm and happy and assure everyone that Drake will be OK and no one is at fault. These things just happen.

(what’s left of my goodies from Katri from the car ride home)

I called several friends because in my panic state I couldn’t remember the name of the road I turn on to get to Urgent Care. Luckily, I got ahold of Katri and she was my angel for the evening and met me up there to take the older two boys so I could focus on Drake. It was such an unexpected act of service that meant the world to me. {{teary – a.k.a. blubbering mess}}

Drake was such a trooper and didn’t make a noise when he got his 3 staples. I think it helped that the nurse who held his head was a man. 😉 He’s such a tough guy – at 2. Afterwards, did give the doctor his signature “go to hell” look. Classic! She quite enjoyed it and gave him a popsicle.

1 1/2 hours later when I went to pick up the boys, Katri met me at the car with Diet Cokes and water. She’s one of those friends who just knows what you need when you need it. When I told her that I was looking forward to my California Rolls at home because I hadn’t eaten any solid foods since Saturday night (when I got sick), she sent me home with yummy chocolate cake and pretzels with peanut butter inside!!

I needed that comfort food and that friendship at that very moment. Thank heaven for good friends and good food.

Which brings me to our “guilty pleasure” game – I’ll post the “guilty pleasure” snacks a little later today – so keep sumbitting your ideas!

6 thoughts on “Monday Mania

  1. I am sorry Drake had to go to Urgent Care but at least you had a great friend behind you!! All those things she did for you were so sweet! Girls Rock!

    p.s. congrats to your other boys on swimming! I can’t believe he held he goggles in his mouth!

  2. Poor Drake, that sucks! A swim meet at his age, that’s impressive!!

    Big shout out for Katri for being there when you needed her!

  3. You have The.Best.Friends.
    {And sister, too}
    You are lucky to have such wonderful women in your life. I often think it’s more stressful for the mom at urgent care than the child.

  4. WHoOHOO FOR Davis Racing! too funny about the goggles!

    holy cow! thank heavens for good friends. and comfort food. poor Drake. accidents happen. way to go getting through it.

    Katri ROCKS!

  5. I am so glad that he is o.k.

    You know, I didn’t realize that Dylan was “involved” he was worried about his brother and I didn’t realize the place it was coming from. What sweet boys you have. We had a great time with them and they with the Wii. (ahh, the love/hate relationship with Wii) 🙂

    Seriously though, I want all of blogland to know what a wonderful gal you are. You kept it together and even looked cute while doing it. You ROCK!!!

    So glad we are friends. 🙂

  6. Holy cow, Laurie! I’m so sorry!! That totally sucks. I’m so glad Katri was there for you. She is the best, isn’t she?

    I miss y’all.

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