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Laurie’s Next Top Summer Hair

Last Week

I’m having fun with this title. {{giggle}} These days, I’m all about keeping my hair out of my face but I also want a little lift. So here I used 3 bobby pins to pull it up a bit.


Wednesday, LeAnne hooked me up with a new hairdo for summer. She lightened it up a bit so I’m a little blonder, cut some long bangs, and layered it around my face.

I love to change my hair often. What’s your summer hair style?

18 thoughts on “Laurie’s Next Top Summer Hair

  1. You look beautiful. Your post has inspired me to work on getting a new summer do.

    Bobby pins are the best. You wear them well:)

  2. Love your new, brighter do. Perfect for summer!

    I recently went spiky short. It’s been SO freeing to put gel in it and go.

  3. I LOVE both of your do’s !!!
    I am totally going to try out that bobbi pin thing! tHanks!!

    (And I agree with Lisa, have you lost weight…you are looking skinny!!)

  4. you have always had beautiful hair. i truly believe you can die your hair purple and green and you would still be beautiful. i really LOVE the new do. it looks great on you!

  5. I’m lovin’ the new look.
    Lighter always brightens things up for summer. You look like a HOT mamma.

  6. super cute! The blonde brings out your eyes-they were the first things I noticed in the 2nd picture. Love it-I am a hair freak too-my sis does hair-I have a hair appt. every 3 weeks-lets just say I chnge my hair color a lot! It’s way too fun not to change all the time! Don’t you agree?

  7. Geez my hair is more like swept up in cannot be bothered clip, which is REALLY bothering me, I must get my act together and do my hair more often!

    Anyway- you had commented on my blog when I first put it together and I want you to know that I have spied on your blog and
    1- thank you for pantry inspiration, I did my own too from your idea!
    2- I also used the blog designer and she did such a wonderful job, I just couldn’t help myself

    thanks again

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