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Happy Birthday Katrina & Tricia!

I’m just going to be flat out honest, and admit that I would be a complete wreck if I didn’t have these women in my life. My love language is quality time and it’s very important to me. I love being around women who have qualities that I’m striving to have and who’s talents inspire me.

My home life is very loud, chaotic, and stressful. Most of the time, I feel completely overwhelmed with pressing issues and challenges. Therefore I feel blessed to be able to kick back and enjoy time with these amazing ladies.

Friday night it was Katrina’s birthday. She is so talented and has such impeccable taste. I got her the white flower ring and a gift card to a boutique. Rochelle and Katri put together a basket with all kinds of fun things for Katrina’s formal dining room. Chanda made her these and she loved them. It was such a fun girl evening full of great company and conversation.

Wednesday it was Tricia’s birthday. She’s having her 4th child on Tuesday, so it was perfect timing to get together and celebrate. We all chipped in at got Trish a gift card for home decor.

With summer, swim team, and constant mothering it’s such a wonderful break to get together and eat a real meal. Thanks Ladies!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Katrina & Tricia!

  1. you have THE MOST TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS EVER! lucky luck girl! how fun . i love a night out too. it’s the only thing that keeps me sane. and seriously we deserve it. as the moms. we have mastered the use of a good girls night out. people that don’t or have guilt related to leaving the family at home either have the issues. not me. awesome! i get it lady! long live the girls night out!

  2. That’s so neat to be able to get out with such neat ladies. I sort of know a few of them in your group and I agree, they are great! Cute pictures.


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