Tip Junkie 20 Day Giveaway!

Tip Junkie is 1 year old this week! Can you believe it? To celebrate this special blogiversary and all your support – we’re giving back.

Tip Junkie is hosting 20 days (Mon – Fri) of incredible giveaways by fellow bloggers and Mom-prenuers.

Here are the details!

Announce our incredible giveaway on your blog using our giveaway button. Copy & paste this code:

Just copy & paste the following code into your blog or website:

Please help us spread the word. We’ll start the 20 Day Giveaway on Monday June 30th – July 28th! This event is not to be missed!!

One thought on “Tip Junkie 20 Day Giveaway!

  1. I’m so excited!! I hope you are too after the week you’ve had! You are amazing! My button is posted.

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