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Just My Luck

I blog-jacked this song off Lisa’s blog. It explains how I’ve been feeling this week – life’s seeing what I’m made of. Unfortunately, I can barely stand it.

Currently this is what my study looks like. I’ve had the most stressful week I’ve had in quite some time. And that’s saying something! To get you up to speed, we are currently going through an IRS audit. Just my luck.

It gets better. Here’s the conversation I had over the phone, (following said in a cheery and sweet voice from the auditor) “This isn’t a normal audit. The IRS is developing a new software program and you have been randomly selected to participate. This will take 2 full days from 9-4 and we’ll be going through your finances with a fine tooth comb.”

WHAT!?! Yes, Ladies. 2006 was the first year we paid someone to do our taxes and the first year we’ll be audited. It did take 2 days and will likely be many more. Just my luck.

Just in case you’re wondering here are a few things that triggers an audit:

1. A schedule C business even when it had a net profit
2. Cash Donations and Non Cash Donations
3. Self Employed Health Insurance with W-2 Income
4. Home office deductions

To add to the stress, I hosted the Blogtique Challenge and compiled 34 posts this week on Tip Junkie!

Friday night was Davis’ scout camp awards and dinner. Drake was a bear and wanted to play in the road and everywhere dangerous. After fighting with him for over an hour, I put him in the car and turned on a movie.

Davis started doing push ups while in line for his award. {{embarrassed}} Once Davis finally got his award, I drove 3 hours to Lisa’s for reinforcements.

The boys are pretty good travelers but they don’t sleep in the car. Drake finally fell asleep 40 minutes before we arrived. Once we got to Lisa’s all 3 D’s where wide awake and ready to party. Just my luck.

Drake didn’t sleep at all that night. Around 2:00am I drove to a convenient store to get some Benedryl and Children’s Tylenol to make Drake a little cocktail but it was closed. Yes, I was that desperate for sleep, make the crying stop!

After many attempts by me and Lisa to get Drake to sleep, we gave up and at 4:40 in the morning drove to Walmart. Can you believe what an amazing sister I have! Since I didn’t know my way around her town she took me.

I’ve seen Walmart in the wee hours of the AM many times due to children refusing to sleep. But I think this was Lisa’s first time. We had a blast! Of course, Lisa makes everything more fun.

Finally, Drakie got his cocktail and slept from 5:30 to 9:30 am. Bliss. Well, it would have been except Lisa and I were wide awake – so we watched 13 Going on 30. I think I finally fell asleep around 6:30 am to be woken up by Davis at 7:00 and then Dylan at 8:00. Just my luck.

Saturday Lisa and I took the kids to a little water park. The boys LOVED it and had such a blast. {{excuse the cottage cheese and farmers tan}}

Lisa replaced Jason as the favorite and he shadowed her the entire weekend.

We had to leave early because Drake kept insisting on riding on these slides. He made a mad dash for them at every given moment. He wasn’t tall enough to ride them so he kept crying “slide”. Just my luck.

After we wore the kids out at the water park Lisa and I got a sitter, watched a movie, and did a little shopping. We watched ‘The Happening” which was way too gruesome for a public service announcement. I give it a C.

That night, the boys all went to bed at a reasonable hour and even slept through the night. Except for me. Around 3am my stomach started getting really upset and around 4:00 I started throwing up. Yep, just my luck.

Lisa and Billy took care of the kids and let me sleep in a little. That morning I packed up the boys and made the 3 hour trek back home. With a huge tummy ache and so sleepy.

I don’t know how I did it, but we made it home safe and sound. The good news is that this crappy week is officially over.

20 thoughts on “Just My Luck

  1. I’ve had those weeks! So sorry you got sick! What a fun time with your sister. I love going on spur-of-the-moment shopping trips! HA!

  2. I am SO SORRY!! I seriously feel your pain. All nighters with sleepless kids are THE WORST!! You sure have a great attitude!

    I fear audits like nobody’s business. Not because I have something to hide, but because I am so disorganized right now. I used to be the picture of organization. I’ll be calling for tips if my name ever comes up!!

  3. oh…. that sucks! i am soo sorry it has been a crappy week. i hope you have a new wonderful week. thank goodness for mondays! lisa is a saint and what a great sister relationship you have.
    you rock! di

  4. Ughh, Laurie – i am so sorry about the audit. I too fear one of those! But I hope everything turns out okay and this week proves to be better!

  5. ♡ FIrst of all you guys look fabulous for not sleeping and it being 4 in the morning. I think I’d look like the grim reaper!

    Great pictures! Everything looks like a blast even the early morning run to walmart! 😉

  6. It must to be going around because I also had a stressful week. I even had to do a “highs and lows” post just to get everything out of my system. It did help tough…LOL

    I hope you have a better week and good luck with the IRS audit!!!

  7. So sorry for the crappy week. Kids that won’t sleep… dude, that’s the WORST!

    Really, you look amazing.

    You have an amazing sister, you are so lucky. 🙂 (I know you already know that!)

    I hope next week is better.

  8. I don’t know how you do it! I guess we all do what we have to, huh? Hope your week gets better.

    We were audited not too long ago, and received a letter saying we owed $25,000!!! It took a few long days of going through stuff and finding the proof that we didn’t owe anything. Thankfully my brother is a CPA and helped. Good luck!

  9. Bless your heart! ♥ Ack, sounds like one crazy time! You deserve a break. I hope the rest of the audit goes smoothly.

  10. holy crap that sucks! glad that week is over. here’s hoping this one is a MILLION TIMES BETTER!

  11. You really do have the worst luck ever. We finally get all the kids to sleep and then you’re not only up most of the night, but you’re throwing up most of the night. I’m just glad the kids didn’t wake up with all the noise you were making. I’m glad you came down for a visit, but sorry it added to your stress.

  12. What a bummer…sorry your week was crappy…I love the fact that you’re still always smiling in the photo’s…at least you make it fun, even though it may not be. BTW, Love the song!!

  13. Holy Cow! What a crummy week!
    I haven’t checked in for a while and didn’t know about all your stress!
    I hope that you have a better week and have plenty of
    Benadryl on hand! 🙂

  14. What an absolutely terrible weekend. OH my! I am glad you made it home in one piece. I have to agree your bright smile in all those pictures says a lot about you!

  15. Wow! That sounds like quite the week. But it sounds like you tried to make the best of it, and now it’s behind you. Your “cocktail for Drake” made me laugh.

  16. I am new to your blog and was browsing around – SO SORRY! about the IRS audit you had. I hope things turned out well in the end.

    But (not to take away from the horror of that) I’m really writing because I noticed you have a son named Drake – and SO DO I! That’s such a random name and I’ve never met anyone else with that name. Just thought it was cool and wanted to let you know.

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