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Farewell Party ’05 – Many new bloggers in pic

It’s time to update my Blog Roll. Many of my friends in real life have joined our little hobby of blogging. {{a.k.a. obsession}} I rarely update my sidebar anymore because I use Bloglines to keep updated on all my favorite blogs. It’s way overdue for new entries.

So please welcome all these fabulous ladies properly by leaving a welcome comment on their newly designed blogs:

Cecilia – my sister-in-law
Heather – we grew up together
Melissa – amazing longtime friend (has twins)
Colette – my BFF growing up’s sister (has twins)
Jeanette – my BFF growing up’s sister
Lynette – my BFF growing up’s sister
Tami – amazing friend (2 sets of twins)
Emily – card swap friend
Nicole – married a childhood friend
Tatiana – threw me a surprise baby shower w/ Drake
Kristi – is my local vinyl source and friend
Carrie – friend from church
Mimi – friend from church
Amber – friend from BYU

**Update: JaNae – friend from BYU who drops off the face of the earth and pops up at random times. Currently living in Italy.

If I’ve forgotten you, it wasn’t intentional. Shoot me over an e-mail and I’ll welcome you properly.

9 thoughts on “Welcome New Bloggers

  1. I’m flattered, Laurie! Thank you for helping me enhance my personal blogging obsession…can’t wait to check out some of these new blogs…:-)

  2. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe Scott’s family! They are gorgeous and look just like his family did way back when. Those Bingham traits are rampant, I tell ya.

  3. looks like a fun list. love how you labeled how you know them. and something about them. that is awesome!
    Cecilia has been my blog friend for a long time now. i should update my sidebar too.

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