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Where it’s Great to be a Kid!

Well we did it! Davis got his Math TAKS test results and he only missed 2. Whew! Honestly, I’m just relieved he passed. So on to 4th grade we go. For Davis’ reward he choose to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Bring on the playtime.

Last time we went, the boys spent their tokens in 20 minutes flat! So this time I made sure I had coupons in hand to maximize on our evening. I didn’t see them for 40 minutes and had to track them down for dinner. {{evil laugh}}

Drake remembered the last time we went and knew exactly what to do. Thus the outstretched hand for more tokens every time the ride stopped moving.

Whoever came up with that Toddler spot was brilliant. Drake usually spends the entire evening in there. It’s the only time he’ll stay in one place.

These next pictures, I call “getting out their aggressions”.

Don’t forget the party favor.

It’s a place that I quite enjoy playing with my kids. It’s contained, air conditioned, and makes my kids very happy. Throw in a pretty good salad bar and I’m good to go!

11 thoughts on “Where it’s Great to be a Kid!

  1. My tykes enjoying going there as well! Plus I love to play skee-ball, oh the memories of doing that when I was younger!
    And the salad bar is not too-shabby either!
    Congrats to your son on his great test results too!

  2. OK – I get totally competitive when it comes to winning tickets. It’s a sickness. Seriously. Looks like a fun night.

  3. would you believe i’ve never been? my boys are finally old enough, we might just have to give it a go.

  4. very fun mom! and dad too! we always save up the really good coupons to maximize the fun! way to go on those tickets! WOW! you are a WINNER!

    i ahve another giveaway going on on my blog. come see.

  5. How fun is that. I never thought to award them for passong the TAKS but you know they deserve it. I don’t know about your school but it’s drilled into these kids that it’s all about TAKS. I hate it! Both mine that are in school passed so maybe that should warrant an out to dinner trip, why not tonight?

  6. This was our first school year in Texas and our first TAKS tests…they are so intense!

    Good job, Davis!!!

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