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Happy Birthday Lisa!

Today is my sister Lisa’s birthday and how better to wish her a happy birthday than to go down memory lane and celebrate all that is my amazing sister.

I got my first camera (Polaroid) for Christmas one year and look who was in my first picture! I’m quite sure this is the only time Lisa has ever played with dolls. I’m glad I got it on film. teehee

Right before we moved from California to Texas, my parents took us to Disney World. It was huge deal and so we got all dressed up. My mom made Lisa wear bows in her hair only for church and special occasions. Take a look at her shoes – I’m sure she didn’t tie the laces just to spite my mom. {{rebel}}

On rare occasions I could bribe Lisa to let me do her hair. She looks so cute!

These next priceless beauties are from a photo session where I dressed Lisa up like a girl and made her do girlly poses. At this point in her life, she wanted to be a boy so she dressed like a tomboy.

This is the Lisa we know and love – full of fire! I wonder what the occasion was, since she has another bow in her hair.

Here’s Lisa in the teal participating in a school program.

My dad made us a “Self Esteem Journal” when James and I became teenagers. For family home evenings or family feuds we would get out our journals and everyone in the family would have to write something nice in it.

This is what Lisa wrote in my journal. “Laurie you are a good sister to me most of the time. Cool oooo yeah.” See Lisa you didn’t hate me as much as you remember. {{wink}}

Lisa was one of my brides maids when I got married. I’m sure she did it reluctantly, but now I’m even more pleased I made sure to include her. Especially considering now she’s my best friend.

Lisa has always loved my boys! Even when they were at their most difficult.

I died Lisa’s hair maroon in 2002. {{oops}} Although I think it really suited her. She looks great as a blondie or brunette.

Since we have a 6 year age gap we were never into the same things at the same time. By the time she realized she wasn’t ever going to be a boy, I was married. However, when Lisa came to live with me for a while in 2002 that’s when we became really close.

Lisa is the favorite Aunt of all the grandchildren. She’s also all of the siblings favorite sibling. Lisa has claimed for years to be both our parents favorite child and she’s probably right.

She’s funny, giving, forgiving, gives of her time and talents to each of her siblings, and is a confidant to all. She gives more than anyone I know and I’m honored to be her big sister.

To let you all know, I have stopped venting to Lisa about my kids, so she’ll start having some. She’s going to make an incredible mother one day. She’s already mastered: wife, daughter, sister, and friend.

Love you Sis!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lisa!

  1. Damn…when you put it like that I do ROCK!! That was the nicest post! I’ve had the best day and your boys birthday song was by far the best one I got. I’ll try and post about it before I leave tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you!

  2. I totally agree with everything you just said about Lisa.

    She does ROCK!

    I’m lucky to have two amazing girls like you guys as my SILs!

  3. Happy birthday Lisa!
    What a great post, I love the journal idea. The fact that you still have it today-priceless!

  4. What a beautiful tribute. You’re right – she does look great with both haircolors! It rocks that you have so many great pics from when you guys were young.

  5. this super sweet post brought tears to my eyes! loved all the pictures! and Lisa is awesome! so glad she came around and you two are good friends now! there is no better friend than a sister!

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