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  1. I’m guessing that means you wanted her to pick Jason?! haha

    I liked them both- but I wasn’t really surprised when she picked Jesse, she seemed to throw us for a few loops so I figured it might happen.

    I have a friend Jason would be perfect for, so I’m happy he’s still available!

  2. Yeah – I was a little irritated at that one. I like Jesse a lot but poor Jason. They need him to be the next Bachelor!!

  3. Although I wanted her to pick Jason, I got the feeling it was going to be Jesse. She would have made a cute couple with Jason, they looked good together. I am happy for her though, if that is what she wants, I hope things work out for her. These days, you just never know.

  4. i only watched the last one..but i can see the upset.

    jason should be the new bachelor, i wonder if they would do that with him having a son?

  5. Ok – so after seeing the “After the Rose” episode this morning. I feel better about her choice. Yes, Jessie’s a good guy but COME ON! Jason made her a freakin’ game board! You know that won me over. 😉

    Poor Jason. Should I admit that I actually cried watching him explain that he still loves her. {{sappy}}

    What I liked most was how happy Chris (the host) was with her choice. I always feel better about it when you can tell Chris approves.

    btw: I felt like he didn’t approve of Shane from the last Bachelor. No surprises there.

  6. I love the design of the blog! It looks great. Sorry no comment on the show. I am in tv darkness.

  7. Also, did you see the ring Jason picked out? I paused it so many times, my man just laughed. 😉 BEAUTIFUL!!

    I also loved his explaination of why he picked it. {{sigh}}

    I totaly agree that Jason should be the next Bachelor. He would be perfect.

    But I saw on E! News that it might be Paula Abdul’s X. Who ever that guy is. He sounds like a player to me.

  8. i totally thought that she was going to pick Jason… but that’s how they ALWAYS edit it… and then they throw in the curve ball.

    They looked SO happy on the After the Final Rose…

    Jason was sweet… wore his pants too high… but super sweet. But she had that same connection with him that she did with Jeremy… “safe” and “easy”. Just MY thoughts. Glad to know you get sucked into this stuff too!! 😉

  9. Totally agree, but you could totally see it coming. All throughout the episode you could see the way she was looking at Jesse and it was almost like Jason had to force her to be romantic with him. I just wish she had let Jason go earlier so he wouldn’t have gotten so hurt. Especially since he has a son. Totally annoyed with all the kissiness (is that a word) that DeAnna and Jesse were doing at the ATFR show.

  10. I was saying the same thing…but had a bad feeling. Hardly EVER do they actually pick the ones I think they should! HA! I told my fam that maybe if they chose who I thought they should choose, more of them would still be together! LOL

  11. I was amazed that she was the bachelorette. I thought she was ornery on The Bachelor, but after seeing her on the Bachelorette she was much better, and she seemed so happy and down to earth with Jesse. I like Jason, but seeing how happy she was with Jesse I was glad that she made that decision and went with the one that she could laugh with and open up to and felt comfortable with.

  12. I knew when I saw her wear the red bathing suit top on her “beach horse ride” that Jesse was the one she would pick! On her last date with Jason, she wore some boring white shirt. We’ll see if it lasts! Love your blog!

  13. I haven’t watched it yet, it’s Tivo’d. I am guessing I’ll be shocked I think she’s gonna pick Jesse. Big bummer.

  14. I kind of wanted her to pick Jason too. I just wasn’t sure if Jesse would be the kind to settle down. But I really liked him. After last night I think they are perfect. They were really cute together. Let’s just hope it lasts. These shows don’t have a great track record. But, I agree that Jason should be the next Bachelor!!

  15. Y’all rock! I’m so glad I’m not the only Reality TV junkie. I love enjoying drama I can turn off and return to my “safe” family.

    I agree – if they would just choose the ones I like – they’d actually stay together.

    Did you see Andrew Firestone is getting married. His fiance looks just like Jen. {{giggle}} Good for him, he’s adorable.

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