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Date Night

Saturday, we literally spent the entire day at the lake. In the morning Jason got up early and went wake boarding with the guys. The kids and I met up with them and their families at a more reasonable hour.

The kids had so much fun. I was too busy chasing around Drake to take any pictures – shame on me. Anyway, that evening we got a babysitter and it was “night games” for the adults.

Jet Skiing…


… and lots of laughs on the boat.

We enjoyed yummy snacks and even had some non-alcoholic bubbly. You can barely see the moon in the background of this picture (above). The flash was so bright we could barely keep our eyes open.

Around midnight on our way back to the dock, we found a boat that had run out of gas. They had little kids with them. {{scary}} Luckily, we were able to tow them to the shore.

This was my first experience out on the lake at night and it was so much fun and exhilarating. The company was amazing and I loved reconnecting with these amazing friends.

13 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. “Night Games” sound like a blast! At first it sounds kind of eery to be playing on the water that late at night, but once I read about how much you had… I changed my mind!

  2. Looks like a blast! I’m so jealous! Being on the lake, especially at night, is such a relaxing thing to do.

    I think I found your blog roundabout through SITS, but it looks like we’re neighbors. I live in the north of Dallas suburbs and it looks like you’re in the DFW area as well. Nice to meet you! Love your blogs. :o)

  3. Oh you’re making me jones for our lake trip in August. Love the water. There’s nothing better than lounging in the sun with good friends and a boat.

  4. I just wanted to say how wonderful I think you are. I have always thought that, but you amaze me all the time.

  5. Ok, I hope you find this as neat as I do! I met you today at the pool! I am Keri Campbell and your son was in love with my husband:) I told David that I felt like I “knew” you…Ummm, probably because there is a link to TJ on my blog!!! I did a Google search for your name because I thought I recognized your name as a speaker I have heard with Proverbs 31.
    Such a small world! Would love to see you again at the pool. Have a blessed day!
    Keri Campbell

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