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Wet ‘n Wild in Galveston

I’m running a bit behind in my posts…

Friday, we visited Gramma & Grandpa and played a little in Galveston.

We had a lot of fun at Schlitterbahn. The boys loved the torrent river the best. It’s like a lazy river but with tidal waves.

Drake was getting a little sleepy – so I took him on the torrent river and he had a nice nap while we floated the river for over an hour. That’s my kind of fun. {{wink}}

My favorite part was the funnel cake at the end. {{of course}}

Saturday we spent the day at Gramma & Grandpa’s on the river.

Davis knee boarded for the 2nd time.

Dylan kneed boarded for the first time! It took some serious negotiating and finally threatening to get him on it. However, once he got going, he had a blast! We were so proud of him.

Look at that bust. Way to go Dylan, you did an amazing job!

Dylan has decided to collect Indiana Jones Lego’s. This year will be the first year I’ll know what to get him for his birthday. {{huge relief}}

Davis arm-wrestling his cousin. Hmmm – are you wondering who won?

It was a quick, but really fun weekend with our loved ones.

7 thoughts on “Wet ‘n Wild in Galveston

  1. I am cracking up with the arm wrestling photo! I think we may take AJ down there to the water park after we get back from Oregon. (What happens if I fall asleep floating in the river and she doesn’t? Can they arrest me for something like that?)

  2. oh how fun, we were down in Galeveston this past christmas like three times, but it was really cold….too bad the slides were not opened back then! They look totally cool.

  3. Laurie,
    Thanks for all your hard work on the give away. You made tons of bloggers out there giddy with excitement. (me included) Your family is so cute. You do such fun things with them.

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