7 thoughts on “US Currency Facility

  1. Isn’t that place so interesting? I went with my daughter’s 3rd grade class last year. I actually had a great time. I even bought shredded money.

  2. wow all the boys look so tan! Glad you had a fun time, we will have to go their ourselves at some point.

  3. hey, Laurie, I don’t know if you remember me, but I met you at the blog party….I think these things are cool for kids to learn and know…how fun! They should give out 100 dollar souvenirs!

  4. We went here last Monday! My tour was extra exciting..because my 2 year old kept wiggling out of my arms, and running down those big long hallways. Our tour guide had to stop the whole tour every time while I Chased him and captured him then brought him back. Everyone watched me jog, then speed up as he sped up then lunge and grab the little critter while he screamed and tried to get away again. It was the family circus show as usual. So stressful for me, but the kids had a blast.

  5. I won’t know if the design is different or not. I never see hundred dollar bills, so I don’t even know what the old one looks like. lol

    (found you thru eightcrazy designs)

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