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Drake the Snake

I can’t believe I’ve gone so long with out updating my blog. These crazy kids are keeping me too busy for me to stick with my priorities. Geeze!

Drake is up to his old habits again, and no longer sleeping through the night. So before I forget what a cutie pie he has been lately, I want {{need}} to document a couple fun things he’s been up to.

Drake is a sucker for older girls. {{As a mommy, I’m not included in this}} He’ll do what ever they want him to do. Right now, I think it’s adorable – we’ll see if it sticks. Here AJ got him to push her in the swing.

Drake loves his batman and superman jammies. Here he is playing with Toby.

I came home from Girls Camp with Chanda to this. Not only had our babysitter spiked Drake’s hair but gave him a “pop collar” as well. Seriously, Drake grew 2 inches that day, he thought he was so cool.

I guess the boys wore him out! He fell asleep like this.

Drake is a lot like Davis was, in the fact that he’s always into everything. Here he found a flashlight.

He had to check out all the dark places in the house.

It was a pretty fun game he came up with. Drake, I love you, little non-sleeper stinker!

2 thoughts on “Drake the Snake

  1. that is too stinking cute the sitter gussied him up!

    love when they discover the wonder of older girls.
    what a sweetie pushing her on the swing.

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