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Kelly posted her True-Life Confessions and it made me want to confess one of my own. I haven’t read blogs in months. {{gasp!}}

I know, I know. I can hear your disapproving gasps from here. I’m a terrible blogger. My life has not been my own since summer began. My sister warned me not to admit this, since it might cause an uproar and you’ll all strike my blog and delete me from your Google Reader. But I adore you and wanted you to know why my comments have been absent for so long.

Honestly, I still haven’t been able to enjoy the perks of school being in session until today. I took the entire day to relax and catch up on some of my favorite bloggers. I’ve missed you terribly. Since I didn’t do anything today but blog, I thought I’d feature just a few of the posts I read and enjoyed. (In case you missed them too, of course.)

I loved Mique’s Advent Calendar post. I just might have to make a few of these for gifts. {{giddy}}

Dancing Queen’s Mommy Tag. What a perfect thing to document on your blog to giggle about or read in your Blurb book later.

I was so moved and could totally relate to Ashley’s feelings in her Deep Thoughts post.

Julie’s thyroid cancer post. Her post makes me want to take better care of my body. I know the caffeine and sugar I pump into it daily isn’t doing my body good.

I really like Heather’s post on “Underneath It All” where she posts pictures of herself without makeup, hair product, etc. She challenged her readers to do the same.

Denae’s Remembering post made me cry. She’s so open with her struggles and the lessons she learns from them. It’s inspiring.

Martha had her baby, 12 days overdue, and right after being called as Young Women’s president in her newly spit ward (church). Huge hugs to her during her time of transition.

Celia Fae’s post on highlights cracked me up! It also brought out an insecurity of mine. I’m very literal and honest. I hate that about myself. One of my goals for 2008 was to become a better liar but I’ve been too overrun with problems and therefore too tired to focus on it. Geeze! Where are my priorities. {{evil laugh}}

I really like Laurel’s post Thinking Out Loud. It also struck a cord with me as I am not a competitive person – at all. I don’t play social games in real life and never have. It goes back to Celia’s post and the fact I’m too honest. I’d rather loose than hurt someone else’s feelings or make them feel inferior.

I love it when Laurel says, “What I’m figuring out is that there are some people that aren’t liberated by another’s light. In fact, they’re bugged by it. I don’t know. Maybe it gets in their eyes…”

I’ve been feeling this a lot lately and just want to say that we can’t help who we are or our purposes in this life. We all have one and we all pursue it in different ways. What I love about blogging is that we support each other instead of bringing each other down. I wish the people in our real lives would just be happy for each others accomplishments instead of feeling insecure by them.

Look what Christie’s man made her, a wall-sized bulletin board. Fabulous!

I could go on and on. It was such a fun day filled with giggles, tears, encouragement, and inspiration. What more could you ask for in a day?

11 thoughts on “Blog Confessions

  1. Hi Laurie, I’m new to your blog, and I gotta say, I loved it! I loved reading all about your family, your t-shirt (what a scream!!) and seeing all your crafty talents. I love creating invites etc too, and putting on parties for things. I also have 3 girls and no boy, and have had the same questions a million times. My youngest is 11, and it’s still going on!!!
    Smile :o)

  2. that is the wonder of blogging, the connections we make and the inspiration that we take away from it. FABULOUS!

    and seriously. i consume copious amounts of caffeine and sugar. it didn’t cause my cancer. but it sure makes living with it lots more fun!

    thanks for the shout out! and i’m glad you are back to blogging!
    i missed your comments. you are RAD!

  3. Glad you are back to having some free time of your own to read some blogs. Don’t worry, we will never go anywhere…whether you comment or not, we’ll always be back here for a smile!

    And I hear ya on taking care of our bodies. I just can’t bring myself to buy hotdogs after Sirri’s cancer. Weird huh? Of all the million things I could cut out, it’s the hotdogs!!!!

  4. I have totally had to cut back on the blogging and I completely understand!! Thank you for including me in this post, you are too sweet…and I’m glad that you related to what I was saying. I always appreciate your honesty about all that you go through with your boys. I figured it was time for me to come clean!! 😉 Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  5. Wow! Thanks for including me on this list of great posts. I enjoyed reading all of them. I just love bumping into new and amazing women out here in blogosphere.

    Your comment about your relationship with your sister has me thinking. I can relate. Ever since I got married and experienced the deep and profound level of that relationship, it really has influenced the way I see my friendships. Regardless of how close we are, it can’t compare, and sometimes that leaves me feeling a little…I don’t know…dissatisfied? That’s not really the right word…hmm. See? I told you. You got me thinking.

  6. That is why I have to seriously time myself when I get on the computer. I delve in and get deeper and deeper and then when I hear the garage door open I jump out of my seat and run around like I’ve been busy for the last two hours! Tee-hee!!

    This was a great post and I love reading about other amazing and inspirational woman.

  7. Laurie, of course it’s fine and good to take breaks from reading blogs! There are just so many it is hard to keep up. Thanks for liking my remembering post- I hope it wasn’t too sad but it felt good to get it out.

    Have a good day!

  8. Thanks for the shout out, my friend!

    Looking forward to linking to the other posts to see what you liked.


  9. I like being a blog “producer”…but it can be exhausting to be a blog “consumer”. There are too many great things out there. Thanks for posting the highlights!

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