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Dylan’s Baptism

After much anticipation, Dylan was baptised on Saturday and became the newest member of our church. It’s a big deal in our family and I tried my best to uphold all the traditions we started with Davis and make this a special day for Dylan.

Dylan is such a spiritual little boy and really understands the concept of not only right and wrong but compassion and service. He’s the peacemaker in our family and we’re so blessed to have his tender spirit in our home.

He was a little uncomfortable with all the attention but handled it so well. I was really proud of him. He’s so gracious and loving.

It’s sad to say, but I’m getting used to being bombarded with a little drama. Saturday morning we arrived at the stake center (church) at 9:00am to find out a few minutes later (after walking around trying to find someone in charge) that the baptisms have been moved to another building.

Panic surged through my body as I’m trying to recall all the invitations I sent out and to whom I would need to text about the building change. Gratefully, the building was right around the corner and not the 15 minute drive I had anticipated.

Turns out there was a Regional Singles Ward conference scheduled for the building that morning and no one was notified of the scheduling conflict. Nope, not any of the 8 children’s parents who were being baptised that day Nope, not any of the Primary Presidents. Nope, not any of the Bishops. No one.

At this point I’ve delt with worse, so in reality it wasn’t a big deal. Dylan and I were a little concerned when we arrived at the building and they were vacuuming the church and the font had just started being filled with water.

The baptisms started 30 minutes late, so all the kiddos were a little restless. But other than that it was a special day felt by all. My mom gave a talk about the covenants we make on this special day and she did a good job.

I was so glad that my family was able to make the drive down and come celebrate this special day with Dylan. It made the day even more special to him, having his grandma, aunts, and uncles there. I appreciate the sacrifices they made on our behalf to attend. {{hugs}}

Uncle Scott was the hit of the party! He entertained all the kiddos during the open house & preparations. It was so nice to have an adult who’s energy rivalled that of a toddlers.

Of course my Mom couldn’t come empty handed. So she brought a cake for each of the birthday’s. Dylan’s, mine, and Scott’s are each a week apart. Since we were all together we celebrated Mills style with fabulous yummy cakes.

Huge thanks to my Mom, Lisa, and Bonnie (SIL) for helping me make all the food for the open house. Yes, can you believe it? I actually made the food. Thanks to Wendy and Jenn for their uber yummy and easy recipes I was able to pull it off.

My brother’s kiddos didn’t sleep at all while they were here. Boy, I remember those days. Who am I kidding, I’m still IN those days. Geeze. I really felt bad for them. They even ended up giving away the guest room and slept in the media room so they could watch movies and play with the kids during the night. That’s sacrifice for ya.

Jason made a DVD of pictures of Dylan growing up. He did such a great job and it was so wonderful to sit and watch my little boy grow up before my eyes. Ahh the memories.

Lisa was such a huge help! Her allergies were acting up and she could barely see but she was such a trooper and helped cook anyway.

Here’s my Mom enjoying some of the fruits of our labors. {{giggle}}

Man, how many cakes has this boy had this year? Geeze!

The open house was so much fun and a huge success thanks to Unlce Scott who kept every child busy outside. That boy has a talent that could earn some good coin! At one point all the adults were able to sit eat and chat. That never happens in a group like this. Thanks Scott!

Huge thanks to everyone who came to celebrate this special event with my family. We loved your company and enjoy your friendships!

Now that all the events are over, I’m looking forward to catching up on my e-mails, stacks of paper work I need to attend to, and even reading up on some of my favorite blogs. It’s now time for me to recoup and relax from a stressful couple of months. I’m looking forward to it more than I can express. I’m even going to work in a couple naps. {{relieved}}

10 thoughts on “Dylan’s Baptism

  1. That is so great about his baptism.. 3 weeks ago, it is a very meaningful thing… also Happy Birthday September girl, I am a September baby myself Sept.
    21st…your mom did a great job on the cakes…congrats all the way around

  2. congrats dylan! baptisms are so special and it looks like it was a great day with family. too bad about the building change. last week jordi went to a baptism and during the talk he heard a weird noise. he checked on the font and the water had just finished draining out! they had to fill-in a lot of time while the font re-filled up with water and listening to that loud faucet while they finished the talks. it makes for an adventurous day! i am glad you had great support from family and friends. i wish i could of been there.

  3. AHHHH breathe out! WHEW! congrats to Dylan! and to mom for surviving the drama, the company and the open house!
    i sounds like it went great! it’s so fun to get together for special occasions like that. but i’m always relieved when they are OVER! i stress big time about those events. and i’m not the fab hostess you are. so you can imagine.

    OY! i have one coming up in December. i better think ahead on that one. DREAD!

  4. Wow what a party! Congrats to Dylan. Isn’t it amazing that we have kids that old? Seth will be baptized next year – gosh three down and two to go. It was so great to see pictures of everyone and the cakes were gorgeous. Yours was spot on 😉

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