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CTR – Choose The Right

Here are Dylan’s Baptism CTR Invitations. It’s a 3D card that opens up in the middle of the shield. The “C” folds through the card next to the “T” to hold it together. My Mom designed and made them.

So D2, middle dude, a.k.a. Dylan, is getting baptised in a couple weeks and he is over-the-moon excited about it. In my church we baptise our sweeties at 8 years old. We believe, that up until the age of eight children cannot be held accountable for any wrong decisions they make. Their sins are wiped clean.

I personally feel this is such a wonderful gift that we give to our children and inspired by the Lord. Not only at 8 are children solid in their concepts of right and wrong, but they can also remember being baptised. This is especially important when trying to constantly “choose the right” and “do what Jesus would do” while striving to follow the example of our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ.

This also gives me great comfort knowing that my sister, who died when she was an infant, is awaiting us in Heaven, clean and pure, enjoying the blessings of eternal life. We were a year apart in age.

Naturally, we’re planning a fun celebration for Dylan. He is my most spiritual child and really understands the importance of being baptised and the covenants he’s making.

I’m so proud of him.

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  1. I just stubled onto the tip junkie and saw the link to this blog…and I am so glad too. I’ve had 2 of my boys baptized and my daughter will be next. We did the word of mouth type of invitations. I think those invitations with a pink background would be cute too. She’ll be 8 in 1 1/2 years.

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