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Pink Christmas Sponsor Giveaways

I decided a couple months ago to be a sponsor for the Pink Christmas charity & swap. As a sponsor I have the opportunity to plug Tip Junkie a little and give each of the 230 participants a little something to remember me by and to Thank them for participating in the charity.

I had something else in mind that was easier but it was going to be way too expensive. So instead I did my “fall back”, my one-hit-wonder, the beaded bookmark.

I shrinky dinked one of my buttons instead of using a charm.

This time I used Krylon clear spray to spray each one so the ink wouldn’t smear. It’s amazing what you learn when you read the directions. It only took me 2 years to figure it out. {{obviously I’m a fast learner}}

There’s how they turned out. I love them!! This morning I’m putting them in a jewelry zippy with a label that says, “I hope you’ll ‘bookmark’ as one of your favorite blogs.” {{giddy}}

Big thanks to my Mom for helping me with the first 130. I have a cramp in my left index finger which is making it hard to type – but it’s all worth it! Pink Christmas ended up raising $500 for the NieNie relief fund and $2500 for a Christmas for a family that just moved here from Africa.

I’m glad that I choose to be apart of it.

6 thoughts on “Pink Christmas Sponsor Giveaways

  1. Wow, look at how cute you are! I am a sponsor too but I was boring and just did a little post card! Maybe next year I will be more creative… just maybe!

  2. O.k. I think that means that I get one of those bookmarks. I signed up to participate in the swap. Oh I’m so excited!

  3. wow! you so amaze me!!!! what fun bookmarks and can’t believe you made 230- lots of participants this year!!!! all for a good cause too!!!

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