"My Character is Increasing"

This week I took Davis to the orthodontist and on the way there he told me that he had told his teacher he didn’t have any friends. His teacher let him go to the counselor to talk about it. Naturally, I has devastated because I thought his relationships were stronger than ever. {{dooh}}

I asked him if something happened at school and he said that it’s not the girls, it’s the boys. I probed him with a couple more questions and he said, “I can’t remember”. Anyway, on our way home I finally got out of him that the boys at school play and trade these toys and you have to have one in order to be in their group.

I told him that I was really proud of him for asking for help from his teacher and he did the right thing. However, his teachers can’t buy him Bakugan’s, and he needs to tell me so I can take care of him.

I turned the car around and headed over to Target to get the latest 4th grade trading craze. On our way back into the car as Davis is beaming with excitement he says to me, “Mom. The councelor says that my character is increasing.”

Yes son and so are your verbal skills. {{teary}}

4 thoughts on “"My Character is Increasing"

  1. WHOOHOO! I’m so glad he told someone about it. and you are the awesomeest mom going to get some of those.they aren’t the hot thing here yet but now i know to watch for them
    lucky kids!

  2. That’s really great that he told the teacher, that his teacher let him talk to the counsellor, and that he wanted to tell you about it. You came up with the PERFECT explanation for him. It was inspired. ♥ I do believe that his character is growing. ♥
    Oh, and a gold star for high-tailing in to your friendly-neighborhood-Target. ☺

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