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The Urinator!

I’ve mentioned a couple times that Drake is a lot like Davis was as a toddler. Not quite as destructive, but definitely as impetuous. Right now, Drake is addicted to these pancake & sausages on a stick. He’ll eat 4 a day.

There’s nothing like breakfast on a stick to bring out the W.T. in a family. {{giggle}}

In other Drake news. He stood on my stairway on the 2nd floor and peed down onto my chair. I didn’t actually see it. He was so excited about his accomplishment he came and got me, to show off his new skill. He was so happy, I almost hesitated spanking him. But, “A Mom’s gotta do what a Mom’s gotta do!”

It’s bad enough that he’s potty training without my consent. Does he also have to be naked all the time urinating all over my house. {{sigh}}

23 thoughts on “The Urinator!

  1. β™₯ Oh man! I think it's a boy thing! I've had Lane do the same "kind" of things! Like when he went in one of my tupperware containers and in the DRESSER!!! I feel for you! πŸ™‚

  2. Okay…that is funny…probably because I don’t have boys…I have two girls, and no I decided not to try for a boy because I’d keep having girls and they are expensive (C: As I envision paying for 4 or more weddings etc….

    But no boys to pee on strange objects or do amazing feats…so for me…funny (C: Sorry.

  3. Just to make you feel better….my nephew who’s 4 was at a family party and having too much fun running around with cousins to find the bathroom and peed in the corner of his grandma’s basement.

  4. HILARIOUS! I hate that he peed on your non-leather furniture…but man, it is funny to read about!

  5. HILARIOUS! I hate that he peed on your non-leather furniture…but man, it is funny to read about!

  6. One time my brother peed on my barbie house. Needless to say I was quite preturbed and insisted that he start wearing diapers again. Oh. . boys. . . !

  7. Oh this is awesome. I have plenty of my own stories to tell, except it would be too embarrasing since mine are about a 7 year old. Sorry, that I am laughing.

  8. is it too early to tell you that I’m laughing so hard!?!? But also crying at the same time just thinking about the damage my Nolan will be making to our house too!

  9. Oh, I can only laugh cause it wasn’t one of mine! πŸ˜€ That’s one of those moments you wanna laugh but at the same time you wanna beat the livin’ daylights out of ’em. It made for a great read! I loved that you had the patience to take pictures! LOL! U rock!

  10. I am sorry that I am laughing! Know that I am laughing because I too, am a boy’s momma. I too, have endured finding my little one playing, I mean tee-teeing in strange places. Enjoy!


  11. Just stoppin by to give you some comment love today. Hope you will return the favor:) Great blog too, I also saw you on tip junkie, what fun!

  12. You are not alone!!! We were at a baseball game and my friend elbowed me to look at this little kid peeing in the parking lot…my response was…Oh my,only to realize…HE was mine!! Pants down to his knees. Red faced and embarrassed I waved to say sorry to a lady that saw the whole thing from her car, she lovingly told me not to worry…she had three boys of her own. God is good!!

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