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Hurricane Ike

Yesterday, right before the baby shower I was hosting, Jason tells me that there’s a mandatory evacuation in my In-laws county and they’re on their way to stay with me over the weekend.

So this morning I have to run to the post office and send out Dylan’s Invitations, the 230 bookmarks for Pink Christmas, then run to the grocery store and stock up on food.

When I get home, I’ll have to wash sheets, matrice covers, vacuum, and clean up from the baby shower.

Did I mention, I’m exhausted?

5 thoughts on “Hurricane Ike

  1. I just recently started reading Tip Junkie (which I love, by the way). When I read your post about Hurricane Ike, I was curious as to where you were from. I clicked on the link to your personal blog and found out you are in the DFW area. So am I. I think it’s great that you post about local activities. Keep up the great work.

  2. It made me tired just to read that. Why on earth do you have to wash mattress covers??? Does you MIL inspect them?

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