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Play Time

While I was getting out all the Halloween decorations out of the attic, I found some toys for the boys that we haven’t played with in years. I just love finding lost treasures. Anyway, Drake has been having fun all week playing and discovering new {{to him}} toys.

We’ve been building {{and destroying}} foam forts all week.

The boys dressed up in their old Halloween costumed over the weekend. Of course, Drake had to participate too but was seriously bummed that everything was too big. {{reality check}}

Guns, guns, and more guns. Geeze. It was so cute to see how much they’ve grown as they tried to squeeze into their old costumes. I made the police vest Davis’ is wearing for Christmas when he was 5. Needless to say, they’ve gotten a ton of use out of it. 😉

Drake had us in stitches when he put on Davis’ skeleton mask! At one point he was crawling around on the floor and it was so freaky looking and unnatural! We were rolling in laughter.

These boys crack me up! There’s always something crazy happening at the Turk home. A mini skeleton batman should not surprise me these days. {{giggle}}

4 thoughts on “Play Time

  1. What cute boys- and they each are all boy, huh? So cute. Love when the kids play dress up and do a little mix-n-match.

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