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Saturday Happenings

Saturday was a big day with too many things scheduled. It started early in the a.m. when we got to Dylan’s soccer game, it was rescheduled for later that morning. So we met at McDonald’s with another team mate to keep the kids occupied and kill some time.

Dylan did such a great job during his game. I think we’ve finally found a sport that he enjoys and is decent at. He takes initiative on the field and tries his best. {{relief}}

I brought suckers to the game to try and keep Drake in one place, at least for a couple moments.

There were lows

and high moments in the game. His team ended up loosing but they played the best game so far. Great Job Dil!

By the time we got home, it was time to head on out to the Air Show. It’s a highlight for all the boys in my family.

Jason works on the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program and has loved it. He’s much happier designing jets than oil drills.

Davis still wants to be a pilot when he grows up and has since he was 5.

There are lots of fun photo-ops at the air show.

We had to take advantage of them.

This is what Jason and I did during most of the show, wrestled with Drake.



Holy Crap! Watch Out!

Afterwards, we picked up a babysitter and Jason and I went on a date. Yep, a real date. It was so nice to spend some time with my man. We like all the same things which makes the evening easy going and delightful.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Happenings

  1. so glad you got a date! I’m a huge advocate of alone time with the hubby. Your guy has a way cool job by the way!

  2. Um – we were there too nerd! We probably sat right next to each other. He he. So, you’re looking skinny. What are you doing that I’m missing?

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