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It’s a Zoo Out There

Monday was a school holiday, so we spent it a the Zoo. I figured we should take advantage of the lovely weather. (Apparently, Drake is no longer participating in pictures.)

It was a crazy day, as it always is with my boys. However, I think they had forgotten how much they enjoy the Zoo. Dylan was royaly bummed that we didn’t see any comodo dragons. Thomas was bummed he didn’t get to see the sharks. Seriously Zoo?

All the animals were so active this trip. We got to see some really fun behaviors from them. (Drake’s still not participating in pictures.)

The kids automatically lined up here to get their photo op. Well trained. (Not Drake, he was there under protest.)

My favorite exhibit is feeding the birds! Drake was really worried at first, but he took to it quickly. Pointing sticks at flying creatures; what isn’t there to like?

I got this shot by accident. Can you believe how excited this bird is to be fed? It freaked Davis out and we had a good laugh that it was caught on film.

The boys had a good time and it was a change of pace around here. Usually, they’d spend the entire day on the computer. {{Sneeky Mom}}

5 thoughts on “It’s a Zoo Out There

  1. I haven’t been to the zoo in forever! I need to go, and I guess now is the best time!

    ps. I saw the post you did on your glitter cups and I was thinking about making frames for a halloween project using it but how do you do the modge podge and the glitter exactly?

  2. Glitter cups? Really? This sounds like something I need to know more about…

    As for the zoo….yay! And what an awesome shot of the bird in flight!

  3. I love the picture of Drake with the bird, he looks lost in thought! You are a good mommy taking the boys out on a day off!

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