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The Dark Side

Me & My Dad

So I always thought I’d have dark hair like my dad. Always. Yep, I’m 33 and finally realizing that I’m not going to be a brunette with long dark locks. {{total let down}}

Like Kate Beckinsale {{uber fab}}

I’m tired of waiting for mother nature and have decided to turn to my trusty and fabulous hair dresser to do the job for me. I took the plunge and went dark and I’m so glad I did.

This time I had her put darker low lights and she added a little blond to chunk it up and make it sassy. I think the dark-do matches my personality and I’m loving the change.

In other beauty news. My sister hooked me up with the best mascara! I’m not kidding. We were going to do a mascara commercial for you while we were hanging out last weekend, but we were too buys having fun.

It’s the {{get ready for it}} TexasLash by Cargo. Everything’s bigger in Texas!

It’s a bit pricey at $20 but Ladies it is worth it! Send the link over to your man and tell him you expect Santa to put this in your stocking. You’ll love it!

11 thoughts on “The Dark Side

  1. Love your new do, Laurie! Thanks for the mascara tip! I’ve still never found the perfect mascara so I’m anxious to try it out!

  2. i love the darker color. it is great for the winter season. i went dark last year and have never gone back. i love being a brunette! funny thing-i just finished coloring my SIL hair to brown also. we had a late hair night.
    you look great as always!

  3. You look Awesome!! Some girls can’t pull of dark, just like I can’t pull off blond- sigh.
    Thanks for the mascara tip 🙂

  4. Hi Laurie~
    I lurk here regularly – hope you don’t mind..

    Your new darker do is BEAUTIFUL!! Before I even got to the mascara part I thought “OH! That color makes her eyes look amazing”. No kidding… love it.

    I think you look a lot like your Dad – though I don’t know if I’ve seen pix of your mom.

    🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. THe hair looks GOOD. I need a new color. Also, I loved the story above about your sis making you laugh. My sister is like that too and it is so great to get out of mommy mode sometimes.

  6. I like your hair dark and light (saw the photo in the next post where it seems more blonde).

    But I really love your bangs. Mine are still sorta 1980s poofy. How do you style yours to get such a smooth side look.

    So chic, so stylish.

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