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Twilight at Midnight

It’s finally here the long awaited Twilight Movie. The girls and I couldn’t wait and decided to make it a fun event with Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and catching a glimpse at all the die-hards at the midnight showing.

Since we got there so early, we smuggled in our cheesecakes and ate them in the theatre.

We got great seats, our drinks, and then enjoyed the ambiance as the theatre was buzzing with anticipation.

All the girls liked the move, I loved it! Edward was a tough sell for me. I thought he was too hairy and not muscular enough. However the on-screen chemistry between Bella and Edward was amazing and did justice to the book. I also loved the Victoria casting (my favorite bad guy in the series) and the ending left you wanting more! {{of course}}

I can’t wait for the next movie, 2 thumbs up!

8 thoughts on “Twilight at Midnight

  1. I thought it was so-so. I knew going in that it was low-budget, but that’s just what it was and deep down I was pulling for more. I felt like it was a b-movie. That said, that Edward is a HOTTIE! I hope that it does well enough that they can get better funding for the next films.

  2. That’s awesome! I got Barry to go with me to see it this past Friday, opening night! I went an hour early and we got great seats! Barry was one of 7 guys there, he was cracking up at all the ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaaws’ coming from the audience of girls! I loved the movie and dreamt about it that night!

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