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The Results

I can’t believe that I’ve been too busy to check back in and tell you the results of the my fun poll.

The results are in and the blogging favorite is Baby Looks Fat! I wouldn’t have picked this picture so I’m so glad that I asked. Ashley is designing a digital Christmas card to accent it. YAY for talented women.

I learned my lesson and will absolutely wear different pants next time. {{wink}} Huge thanks to Shar who’s photoshopping the picture. Girl, you’re fabulous! {{snaps to photoshoppers}}

I think I’m going to order this picture to go above my mantel. However, I’m going to see if I can use the effects from the ‘Baby Not Looking’ since it has more green in the background.

Blogger to Blogger: I heard from a ‘friend of a friend’ that people are talking about this post. Which is fine, but please keep to the facts. To clarify, I thought that I had stated clearly that I was dissappointed with Dylan and myself in the photos. That’s it. I have all legal rights to my pictures and if I want to make fun of myself on my blog and turn it into a game; there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re bloggers – that’s what we do. {{geeze}}

6 thoughts on “The Results

  1. Had I known that photoshopping ‘baby looks fat’ was an option then I would have picked that one. It was my favorite and will be even more fabulous when Shar works her magic. Thanks for keeping it ‘real.’

  2. Yay! That was my choice, too. ☺ It is just so casual and has such a happy family feel. Perfect for Christmas cards.
    And baby looks fat?
    I don’t think so. Never. Nope.

  3. blogger to blogger – you’re fine by me!! I’m just glad there’s someone else out there that can make fun of themselves where they see fit! 😉

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