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Family Pictures

We had our family pictures taken last weekend. I’ve had the CD since Monday but I haven’t been able to bring myself to look at them. It was a difficult evening and I was not optimistic on the results.

So I thought I’d turn my disappointment into a game. Please help me decide what picture I should use for my Christmas Card!

1. Baby Got Back

2. Baby is Cheesy

3. Baby Not Looking

4. Baby Looks Fat

5. Baby Too Long

6. Just The Babies

18 thoughts on “Family Pictures

  1. I really like Baby Too Long, but I know you can’t use it. Baby Got BACK! I like it because you can see your rad shoes and Drake is so dang cute. Baby Look Fat….are you wearing a fat suit?? BTW, never use that photographer again.

  2. Seriously? You are nuts, girl. If I even have ONE picture that we are all looking and smiling, it is a MIRACLE!! NEVER have I had even close to that many good pictures from one shoot.

  3. i love love love baby looks fat. but you so definitley do not look fat. but i think it’s a great pic, love the black and white.

  4. Just email me baby looks fat, I’ll photoshop it and it will be baby looks hot!

    I really like baby is cheesy. Everyone is looking and it is so cute!

  5. you have a beautiful smile! I like the tall one- and the baby got back- and the cheesy one. Let us know what you decide

  6. I’d go with #2, hands down! The background is amazing – great lighting. Plus down the road, the cheesy kid pictures are the best. I’ve learned to stop shying away from them. But I think you all look great.

  7. You are so silly. I think they are cute. It’s not even possible to get a picture of every one of mine just looking at the camera. We are all swapping heads and photoshopping.

    Anyway, I love the baby is cheesy and the baby looks fat the most (you don’t look fat). I think I slightly like the baby looks fat because its different and fun!

  8. Baby got back, and then baby looks fat! If that is fat, then I wish I was fat! I would look like that big 75 yr old oak tree if I was in one of those pictures! 🙂 They are all great!

  9. you all are soo beautiful that any of them work! i love #2 and #5. give yourself great credit for having your pixs done already! you rock!
    love, di

  10. I like the baby looks cheesy one. They are cute, but I think the lighting is pretty dark. Editing it in picasa or photoshop should help a little. Your fam. is adorable!!

  11. Mamarazzi – I did not say the word ‘hate’. I’m dissappointed with Dylan’s lack of attention and my lack proper posing and my pants.

    You’d think all the hours of watching America’s Next Top Model I would have posed better. {{wink}}

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