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Visiting Teaching Conference

Amy as Mrs. Anonymous

Last Thursday we had our annual Visiting Teaching conference at church. These are some of my favorite meetings because they are usually really thought out and are centered around a theme. You know I love a theme!

This one was about the different types of visiting teachers and a couple of us modeled each one. Liz wrote the entire script herself and did such an amazing job. The idea is similar to this one.

Sis. Whiner

Mrs. Gossip

Here I am as Hang Around Holly. Instead of hangers, I decided to use inspiration from Project Runway and used curtains.

Last minute Lucy

It was such a fun evening and the last one we would all spend together. Our Ward (church) was split last week and due to so many new people moving in, and a new Ward was created. The picture above is the general boundaries. It lies between 4 main roads – that’s it. (The star is where I live.) The main road right next to my house is another Stake!

I feel very blessed to be in Texas and surrounded by so many people who share my same faith. I adore the people around me and am looking forward to a new chapter in my life and the many opportunities I will now have to serve.

4 thoughts on “Visiting Teaching Conference

  1. ♥ What a great idea! I love all the names! It looks like it was a lot of fun! I can't believe your ward boundries are that small… Ours is like 5 towns and a good 60 miles in 3 directions! 🙂

  2. I’m with are you serious up there…what small boundaries! It looks like Utah! Up here north of Dallas our ward covers 2 whole towns and part of 2 others. 17 miles square…Lucky you. My old VT route took me 75+ miles to get it done in one day! :o) Good luck with the new ward!

  3. I just love your tip junkie blog! Just this morning, I clicked on the link to the personal blog. I discovered you are of the same faith as I am! Always nice to know. That Visiting Teaching skit looked hilarious! So true though. Keep up the good work!

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