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Happy Birthday Davis – You Rock!

My oldest son is now 10 years old. I’ll be honest and admit that it’s thrown me for a loop. I’ve officially been a mother for 10 years. {{wow}}

I’m so proud of the progress with made and the young man that he is today. It’s been a long road for us but worth every bump to see the person is has become.

For as much as he’s changed, there’s a lot that’s still the same. He is still very loving, very animated, very driven, and has the same interests; rockets, space, airplanes, and race cars. He did add art and writing to his list as of last year.

My Mom came into town to celebrate his big day and brought a truck load of real art supplies (not your crayola brand) in a metal tool box for him to enjoy. Luckily it came with a key to lock it because Drake was just as excited!

Of course my Mom brought an amazing cake for us all to enjoy. Happy Birthday Davis! You are very loved and cherished.

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