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Another Pain in the…

“The day before Christmas my broke back requried of me,
A second cortisone epidural.”

This time they angled it to get the nerve and help with the stabbing pain running down my left leg. Fingers crossed this will help my recovery and get me back on my feet. {{literally}}

At the hospital they had some fun decorations. One of the departments had a wreath decorating contest. They were all pretty funny.

My camera phone sucks, but here are the ones that I thought were the best. I love seeing people get into the Christmas spirit!

6 thoughts on “Another Pain in the…

  1. Aw honey, I’m sorry you had to spend Christmas Eve in the hospital! I hope you are feeling better today and that you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Oh man, they are really putting you through the ringer, eh? And on Christmas Eve too. I’m sorry! Hope you are feeling better soon.

    P.S. Your Christmas card is beautiful!

  3. laurie, that is awful! i am soo sorry!!! i hope you are feeling much better and i hope you were home for christmas and had a great day.
    get better soon!
    merry christmas,
    love ya,

  4. I’m so sorry you are in pain. I know how hard this must be for you especially at this time of the year. Praying for a speedy recovery for you.


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