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The Hills

It warms my heart when old BFF’s put aside a petty argument that got way out of control and decide to be friends again. I lost a friend many years ago for a reason that to this day is still unknown to me. Gratefully, I’ve learned a lot from that relationship and tend to handle conflicts a bit differently.

No haters but, I’m totally pulling for Heidi and Lauren. I’m a believer in second chances.

In other friends news, I would love to hang out with Jessi, The Hills After Show host. How clever and fun is she! I’ve been watching tons of TV lately and right now she’s hands down my favorite personality. She’s fabulous!

So, I’m dying to know. If you could hang out with any TV personality, who would it be?

One thought on “The Hills

  1. Bummer to hear about the falling out with your friend. That is hard. I always like to be on good terms with everyone, but sometimes that just doesn’t always happen.
    Missed the Hills finale, but the tv person I would hang with would have to Ellen! I love her show and wish I could watch it more often. They changed the time she is on and it’s right when the tykes are home from school, so I usually don’t get a chance to watch her too often. I think she is great!

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