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In Case You Missed It On Tip Junkie

I’m reposting what I wrote on Tip Junkie – in case you missed my big announcement.

**Attention! Broke Back Needs Sister To Move Into Her Town. Please Help!**

I realize this is a shot in the dark, but I learned a while ago never to underestimate the power and influence of a blogger. {{wink}}

As you know, I ruptured a disc in my back and have been in severe pain ever since. I’ve been dubbed “the broke back”.

I got a cortisone epidural injection and it seems to finally be working and I’m on my way to a painful recovery. Surgery averted, for now. I still have sever pain in my left leg and ankle. I see the surgeon again on Tuesday and I’ll know more then.

We’re always up to something {{giddy}}

My favorite {{only}} sister, Lisa, came up to help Jason and me last weekend and gave me some amazing news. Her husband is getting a new job and they’ll be moving into my city! {{scream with delight}}

College Station, Texas

Now, they have to sell their house. Which obviously, is going to be tough given the economy. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to help my sister, who has been there for me every time I needed her and is my best friend!

Yep, even a shameless plug on why you should buy her fabulous house. {{begging}}

Please buy her house so:

* I can have my best friend & sister close by. She’s amazing at landscaping, painting, and any project that requires a saw and tools. {{wink}}

* 2 sisters who fought growing up and are currently best friends can live in the same city and have those bonding moments they missed out on growing up.

* I (who have 3 boys) can help raise Lisa’s daughters. Naturally, we’re expecting my tom-boy sister to have all girls.

* My boys can be close to their favorite Aunt.

* I can get free personal training since I’m going to need intense physical therapy to strengthen my back to prevent this from happening again.

College Station in Castlegate

Lisa has impeccable taste and she did some hard-core negotiation with the builder and customized the house with tons of upgrades:

* A wonderful big front porch
* Tile throughout the house
* High ceilings
* Extra storage room in the garage
* The biggest marble shower you’ve ever seen in the master bathroom
* Pantry and a bonus “Chantry” (closet-pantry)
* Crown molding
* Upgraded doors
* Upgraded fixtures
* Open and bright floor plan
* Huge backyard
* Upgraded grass
* Fully landscaped front yard complete with running fountain {{it’s fabulous}}
* Nearly new, built in 2007

What makes this house extra special is the huge bonus room upstairs with closets and it’s own bathroom.

* If you are a Mom-preneur or are creative; this would make the perfect craft room.
* If you have your own business, this is the perfect work at home study.
* It can also be used as a studio apartment while housing a friend or family member.
* Since my sister is a personal trainer, she is currently using it as a home gym.
* You can use it as a playroom, media room, or game room.
* The possibilities of this room are endless!

We are jumping for joy to live close to each other once again!

So spread the word to all your friends and family who are looking for a home in Texas. Blog posts, e-mails, and phone calls are much appreciated! {{more begging}}

You can take a virtual tour of Lisa’s home and see tons of pictures. If you’re interested or know someone who is, you can e-mail Lisa directly or contact her Realtor.

Please Please Please help!! I can barely stand up straight and I need my sister’s help desperately.

5 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It On Tip Junkie

  1. I wish you all the best of luck on getting her moved! It’s a GORGEOUS house!! I’m sure, even in this economy, that it will sell in no time. It’s beautiful, clean, and inexpensive! Plus all those upgrades? Shoot. You’re in like Flynn. :p

  2. that is awesome that lisa will be closer! i hope your back gets better soon and lisa sells her home soon.

  3. I love her house!!! too bad I am as ooner fan at heart and cant leave my sooner town or I would jump right on it!! How cool is it that you guys get to be close now!! I am glad you are getting some relief from your back, I had to have those shots in my kneess,, ohhh the pain!! I feel for you!!

  4. i am SOOO jealous that your sister is moving up here! That is AWESOME!! But such a bummer considering how much WORK she has done on that house. Her house is awesome. But with my contacts in College Station – I’ll put my feelers out. SUPER exciting for ya’ll!!


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