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Legally Blonde

I love talking about hair. So since I’m cooped up trying to take my mind off reality. I thought I’d watch one of my favorite movies and document all the fun hair styles featured. If you’re looking for a new “do” for 2009, consider yourself hooked up.

Granted Elle had several hair stylists, fake hair to make it fuller, and all kinds of tricks of the trade, but now you have several fun looks in one place. Hopefully you can adapt some of these looks for your cut. {{you can thank me later}}

I’m also in need of some new hair products. What ones can you not live without?

8 thoughts on “Legally Blonde

  1. Pureology and I know what I forgot to ask from Santa, A hairdresser so that she can fix my hair everyday. Now that would be nice.

  2. I wish my hair could look that good! I have to work super hard to get it to look just ok. I don’t use any hair products except a leave in conditioner on my ends every day and hairspray – both Paul Mitchel. Nothing on the scalp! I know all those gels and what nots on the scalp are not good. I feel so bad for you and that back…my sister went through what you’re going through this past summer. Look down every avenue for help!

  3. We just watched this movie the other night! A total New Classic. Love it.
    Oh, and I don’t have a product, but a tool. My flat iron. Couldn’t possibly live without it… well, I could, but I would never leave my house!!

  4. Reece is almost as lucky as Jennifer Aniston (the queen of good hair).

    And I just have to say how truly truly sorry I am about your back!!

    I hope you feel better soon!!!!

  5. You always have cute hair in all your pictures!

    I love Redkin Extreme Anti-Snap and Redkin Satinwear 02 ultimate blow-dry lotion. They rock. I use them after I wash my hair while it’s still wet. I also love Redkin All Soft shampoo and conditioner. (Redkin is not paying me to say this!)

    Hope your back feels better soon!

  6. I just recently started reading your blogs and I thought I would comment on this post! Hope that is okay. An absolute must for me is Redken Extreme Anti-Snap EVERY DAY!!! Hope you get feeling better soon and that everything goes well on Thursday.

  7. Okay- I totally LOVE this movie.. and I’m not blonde.

    But why? Why in the end of the movie.. during the court scene does her hair look awful and dull??? All throughout the movie I am in hair envy until the end. Any clue?

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