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The Tip Junkie Awards

Back in September, I had this fun idea to have The Tip Junkie Awards. It would run just like the Oscars with nominees and Tip Junkie readers will vote for the winners. You know, feature the ‘Best of 2008’.

It would be a way to remind everyone of some fabulous {{but forgotten}} tips, as well as feature Mom-preneurs, and give away lots of amazing gifts. win/win/win

So I lined up 20 fabulous prizes and had Shannon get my blog all dressed up for the occasion. I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been to announce it.

At the time, I had no idea that my life would completely stop in it’s tracks and I would be bed-ridden for 5 weeks. So with as much positive attitude I can muster, I’ve decided that the Awards must go on!

So help an invalid out and head on over to Tip Junkie and nominate your favorite tips in several categories. The only rule is that they had to be featured on Tip Junkie in 2008.

I’ll collect all the nominations, add some of my own, and announce them after January 17th for everyone to vote and receive an amazing prize!!

I just love award season! Set your DVR’s.

Golden Globes: January 11th
SAG Awards: January 25th
Grammy’s: February 8th
Oscars: February 22nd

2 thoughts on “The Tip Junkie Awards

  1. Laurie! sounds so fun! you have tons of categories too! wouldn’t this be fun to win something. i won’t keep my hopes up but as always you have the most fun things going on here!

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